ESPN: Your Leader in Sports Subscriber Losses

As the cable subscription data continues to be crunched and quantified, sports outlet leaders like ESPN, ESPNU, BTN, FS1 and NBCSN continue to lose subscribers at an alarming rate. However, ESPN continues to lead race in most subscribers lost.

With the subscriber data for the months of July and August pouring in, results showed that many sports cable networks are still rapidly declining.

With ESPN being the loss leaders by a long shot, it is estimated the cable network is losing millions of subscribers (and dollars) every month.

According to the numbers released by Awful Announcing, ESPN’s number of subscribers for the months of July and August took an impactful drop off, falling 66,000 and 384,000 respectively to 95,870,000 and 92,258,000 homes.

In addition to that number, ESPN’s sister network, ESPNU, has lost a total of 632,000 subscribers during the July and August time period.

“All of the big sports networks posted significant July-August losses, with ESPN (-290,000), NBCSN (-224,000) and FS1 (-147,000) each taking hits. ESPN remains in the lead amongst those three when it comes to remaining subscribers with 85,895,000, while FS1 (83,286,000) is back ahead of NBCSN (83,281,000).” Numbers produced by Awful Announcing.

Subscriber/Viewer numbers reported overall, even for non-sport cable networks continue to see drastic changes for the worst. This is all due to the popularity and the direction of online internet streaming services. Additionally, ESPN and its owners, Disney, are biased and lean extremely to the left.

Although numbers are down across the board for network television, sports network numbers (especially ESPN) have taken the brunt of the subscription losses.

For example, in the month of April, ESPN lost a total number of 500,000 subscribers. This breaks down into about 17,000 customers per day who have decided to completely unsubscribe to ESPN. ESPN and ESPNU had a total combined loss of 922,000 subscribers in the month of April, almost the amount of every sports network combined that is not named ESPN.

Over the last seven years, ESPN has continuously hemorrhaged their subscriber loss, with estimates putting the number around 14 million subscribers leaving ESPN for good. The longest running sports network in our nation’s history is officially on life support. #BoycottESPN