From The Lid: Has Obama Laundered $33 Billion In Cash Deliveries To Iran Since January 2014?

Originally published by The Lid


Americans were startled to discover, at the beginning of August, that the release of frozen funds to Iran in January 2016, at the same time as a prisoner exchange, had been accomplished by money-laundering cash.

At the time, the public was told that $400 million of the $1.7 billion frozen-funds settlement had been paid out with pallets of cash, converted into foreign currencies and literally flown into Iran on an unmarked Iranian plane from Switzerland.

That was unsavory enough: running a “prisoner exchange” with Iran like a cartel drug deal.

Obama, naturally, mocked his critics for being upset about it:

“Obama explained that pallets of cash were used in the exchange because the United States doesn’t have a banking relationship with Iran.

“[W]e couldn’t send them a check, and we could not wire the money,”

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