Here’s The Thing with Tim Young: ‘Daily Show’ for conservatives

Originally published in the Baltimore Post Examiner


For more than a decade, Baltimore audiences have laughed at the humor of Tim Young. Young’s musings have also brought chuckles to readers of numerous publications, including those of the Baltimore Post-Examiner. Tim Young can be pretty funny, both live and in print, but making readers of the National Review or the Weekly Standard smile is an entirely different matter. Young is ready for the sizeable challenge of showing the lighter side of the GOP – not in a comedy club, but on the set of what may be the first conservative-oriented late-night-styled talk show. Here’s The Thing with Tim Young premieres this Thursday, June 30 on Facebook Live. We caught up with Young, appropriately enough, to talk about his new venture and to get a feel for what his new virtual audience may expect.

BPE: Thanks for taking a few minutes to speak with us today. Tell us about the new show.

Young: It’s the first reasonable crack at a right-wing Daily Show. It will be airing live on the Liberty Alliance Networkwhich reaches more than 3 million people on Facebook Live. It will also be one of the very first shows ever produced for Facebook Live.

BPE: A bit about you: You’re a writer, social commentator and comedian. What else can we say about Tim Young?

Young: I also advise members of congress. Oddly enough, I council them on how to be cooler and how to break down some of the more complex issues for the public….

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