The Lid: ENERGY STAR Possibly The Most Corrupt Federal Program In US History

Originally published by The Lid

Guest post by Conor Coughlin

“If it’s not ENERGY STAR, it’s not energy efficient” has been the EPA’s motto for over 25 years. ENERGY STAR has become a multi-billion dollarGovernment Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), marketing a single unique and valuable product; government energy efficiency. This government-created commodity is so rare and precious that it must be kept secret, for fear of undermining it’s value in Global markets.

Which totally explains the need for a media blackout on all news related to ‘energy efficiency’ in Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), and the fact that the entire 4th Building Block of Obama’s CPP had mysteriously disappeared. Nobody dares to speak of this multi-billion dollar Bait & Switch scam! Why?

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