Trump Talks Directly to Texans

Originally published by Empower Texans

Republican candidates don’t usually spend the months leading up to an election campaigning in Texas, nor do they explicitly reach out to African American voters with a “what have you got to lose” message. Donald Trump has done both.

With the general campaign season under full swing, Texas voters were offered a rare chance to participate in the presidential campaign as the Republican nominee made a couple pit stops in the state Tuesday.

While the majority of his time was spent in private meetings and fundraisers, Trump made a pitch for the presidency directly to  Texans during a prime-time speech at Austin’s Luedecke Arena. For Texas voters the rally served as the first time in memory that a post-primary presidential candidate has bothered to campaign in the Lone Star State.

Since Texas turned reliably red, Republican presidential candidates have spent little time in the state to fire up the grassroots. Conventionally, candidates stop in Texas only to fundraise (which Trump did in Fort Worth) but save the voter-focused rallies for battleground states like Ohio and Florida.

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