The Propaganda War Against Capitalism

December 15, 2017 Editor 0

Ludwig von Mises The progressive intellectual looks upon capitalism as the most ghastly of all evils. Mankind, he contends, lived rather happily in the good old days. But then, as a British historian said, the

How Republican missteps turned Alabama blue

December 14, 2017 Editor 0

David Hughes, Auburn University at Montgomery If there was one Republican in Alabama the Democratic Doug Jones could beat, Roy Moore was that Republican. And in a Tuesday night nail-biter, Jones did just that, edging

No Neutral Ground: The Problem of Net Neutrality

December 13, 2017 Editor 0

Brian Dellinger On November 21, the Federal Communications Commission announced plans to revisit its Obama-era internet regulations. It seems likely that the resulting vote will repeal the policies often referred to as net neutrality. The name

No, Capitalism Is Not Ruining Your Christmas Market

December 12, 2017 Editor 0

Bill Wirtz Glowing Christmas lights fill the cold streets of medieval European cities with little wooden booths selling steaming hot wine and cinnamon biscuits. However, the traditional look and idyllic atmosphere seem to be threatened

The Non-Crime of “Lying to the FBI”

December 12, 2017 Editor 0

Ilana Mercer In a fit of pique in 2016, then-President Barack Obama expelled Russian diplomats from the United States. K. T. McFarland, Michael Flynn‘s deputy in the Trump transition team, worried that Obama’s expulsion of the

NFL’s Problem is Poor Product, not Disrespect

December 11, 2017 Editor 0

Doug French President Trump has lambasted the NFL more than 20 times for players’ “Total Disrespect of Our Great Country.” Ratings are down for NFL games and Trump figures it’s because some players aren’t standing,

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