How Inclusive Startup Communities Are Changing the Game … and the Economy

January 28, 2017 Editor 0

by Sherrell Dorsey, GenFKD While there is no silver-bullet formula for developing inclusive startup communities, the most effective incubator and accelerator programs leverage key strategies for tapping talent across racial and gender lines. The growth in

Human Capital: What It Is and What It Means to the New Economy

January 26, 2017 Editor 0

by Kevin D. Gomez, GenFKD As we continue to explore the factors of economic mobility, acquiring a diverse chunk of human capital is arguably the most crucial factor of them all. So while we’ve all been

Political Hot Potato: Medicaid Reform Divides GOP

January 24, 2017 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD One of the biggest budget line items at every level of government is healthcare, and that’s why significant Medicaid reform is at the top of the GOP’s agenda right now. In Washington D.C.,

Prison Education Budget Cuts: Costing Us More Money Than They Save

January 22, 2017 Editor 0

by Caitlin Curley, GenFKD Prison education programs have seen significant budget cuts in recent years. This is despite clear evidence that illiteracy and education deficiencies are driving forces behind incarceration, and that providing education like GED,

How Prison Educational Programs Could Reduce Recidivism Rates

January 15, 2017 Editor 0

by Caitlin Curley, GenFKD Prison educational programs are extremely beneficial for inmates in myriad ways, from bolstering their communication skills to making them more hirable. Down the line, the positive effects education can have on prisoners

Capital: What It Is and How It Defines the American Dream

January 13, 2017 Editor 0

by Kevin Gomez, GenFKD The “American dream” is rooted on the idea that people can go from “poor” to “not poor” in this country with a can-do attitude and strong work ethic. Although we’ve heard a

Two Terms You Need to Know To Invest Like a Champion

January 12, 2017 Editor 0

by Desirae Odjick, GenFKD When you’re getting ready to invest some things are more important to know than others: MER and AUM are at the top of the must-know list. When we decided to do a bit

What You Need to Know About the Economics of Gym Memberships

January 5, 2017 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD Gym memberships are notoriously expensive and difficult to cancel, so before you sign up, here’s what you should consider. People tend to be overly exuberant about exercising right after the New Year.

Is Buying Organic Worth the Cost?

January 3, 2017 Editor 0

byDavid Grasso, GenFKD Given the widely accepted adage “We are what we eat,” you would likely assume that buying organic is worth the cost. In reality, the costs and benefits of organic food is somewhat

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