GenFKD: Why Boredom Creates Burnout for Millennial Workers

October 11, 2016 Editor 0

by Caroline Beaton, GenFKD Millennial workers take criticism for a whole range of perceived flaws, not least of which is their supposed disengagement in the workplace. While it’s all-too-easy to pile on the “lazy millennial” trope,

GenFKD: Do Hurricanes Damage Economies or Spur Growth?

October 10, 2016 Editor 0

By David Grasso, GenFKD Whether natural disasters like hurricane damage economies or spur growth is a matter of debate among researchers. This topic is extremely relevant to many, as hurricanes are a constant threat to

Supertemp: How We Can Get Ready for the Oncoming “Gig Economy”

October 7, 2016 Editor 0

byKevin Gomez, GenFKD The encroachment of the gig economy on our career plans has anxiety levels through the roof. We need to become adaptable yet specialized, thoughtful yet gregarious. And we definitely need to learn

GenFKD: Will Record Auto Loan Debt Crash the Economy?

October 5, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD While many millennials are opting out of car culture, our record auto loan debt demonstrates that America’s love affair with the automobile is far from over. The vast majority of us

How to Rent an Apartment Without A Guarantor

September 30, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD Many young people struggle to meet the income requirements needed to rent an apartment without a guarantor. Thankfully, there is a solution for those folks who can’t get someone to join

Betterment: Easy, Low-Cost Investing? Yes Please.

September 28, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by GenFKD If you’ve heard anything about robo-advisors before, you’ve likely heard of Betterment. They’re one of the biggest robo-advisors out there, and for good reason: They’ve got all the tools you need

Taxpayers Shell Out for New York City Police Misconduct Costs

September 27, 2016 Editor 0

by Matt Averna, GenFKD Indicative of the broader national trend, New York City taxpayers are paying for police misconduct in lieu of genuine reform. New York City police misconduct costs continue to climb through the roof,

Hillary “The Undertaker” Clinton

September 24, 2016 Editor 0

Long time repeal leader, 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, issued the following statement in response to Clinton’s proposal to boost the estate tax rate to 65% “While I’m credited with coining the death tax moniker,

What Is Bitcoin? Explaining the Digital Currency Revolutionizing Commerce

September 23, 2016 Editor 0

by David Norton, GenFKD The rise of a mysterious digital currency is rapidly changing the nature of the global economy, but many people are still scratching their heads asking, “What is Bitcoin?” In actuality, it’s less tech-y, geeky jargon

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