California Court Drops Most Charges Against Center for Medical Progress

June 22, 2017 Editor 0

The Center for Medical Progress became famous over the past few years when they released secret videos of Planned Parenthood. These videos exposed the inner workings of the controversial organization. However, California Attorney General, Xavier

Chemical scaremongering

June 21, 2017 Editor 0

Reported by Steve Milloy in the Washington Times: It’s great news the Trump administration is starting to dismantle the junk science life-support system for government overregulation. Budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and

Obama Doomed Paris Accords and EPA Rules by Shirking Congress

June 14, 2017 Editor 0

Todd Young of Newsmax reports: President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord is a courageous decision that has an unexpected ally — the United State Supreme Court. The rigorous

Israel, India Strengthen Science and Technology Cooperation

December 6, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by Legal Insurrection Today, Israel’s Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis lands in India for a four-day visit aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology. Minister Akunis is

Utility Lobby Fails in Florida: Trojan Horse Solar Amendment Defeated

November 10, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD The news is in: utility lobby fails in Florida, and it’s a welcomed development for the pro-solar crowd. Constitutional amendments in Florida require 60 percent of the vote, and in this case,

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