Freedom’s Defense Fund Goes After ‘RINO’ Senators

August 3, 2017 Hank Eckardt 0

Prominent conservative organization, Freedom’s Defense Fund, has released an ad attacking Senators McCain, Collins and Murkowski for voting against Obamacare repeal last week. FDF gained national recognition during the election cycle through their cartoon series

It’s The Economy, Mr. President!

August 2, 2017 Hank Eckardt 0

Since taking office President Trump has constantly been hit with harsh criticism over a wide array of problems. His immigration policies, the turmoil in the White House, a lack of laws passed and his dealings

Google Owes Jordan Peterson an Explanation

August 2, 2017 Editor 0

Jon Miltimore, Intellectual Takeout “The University’s of Toronto’s Dr. Jordan B. Peterson turned to famous friends Tuesday after his YouTube account was locked “with no explanation.” The clinical psychologist who shot to fame in 2016

Sessions Deserves Loyalty, Too

July 31, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported on In any presidential administration there’s infighting, jockeying for position and struggles over the levers of power. How skillfully those tensions, the “palace intrigue” of American politics, are handled is the difference

Coal Plays Crucial Role in Strong Energy Mix

July 31, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Matt Kandrach on USA Today: The Trump administration is letting the coal industry compete again, and that’s a big win for consumers. Under President Barack Obama, the nation’s de facto energy policy

Activist Federal Judges Loom Over Trump Sanctuary Cities Policy

July 31, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Todd Young at Newsmax: The American Founders feared the consolidation of power in the hands of the few, the many and, in particular, those appointed with the power to decide whether a

The Private Sector Will Fix Our Infrastructure

July 28, 2017 Editor 0

Matthew Boyer The same commute every morning with seemingly endless construction and congestion, all to be completed by some unsure time in the future. You may not be certain when the orange cones will disappear,

The D.A.R.E. Sessions wants is better than D.A.R.E.

July 28, 2017 Editor 0

Paul Boxer, Rutgers University Newark Americans of a certain generation will remember this mantra from the 1980s: Just say no. This simple phrase was the cornerstone of Nancy Reagan’s drug abuse awareness initiative, rolled out

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