Direct From The White House! Joint Statement on Tax Reform

July 27, 2017 Editor 0

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 27, 2017   Joint Statement on Tax Reform   Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Treasury Secretary Steven

Nearly Half of Republicans Reject Freedom of the Press

July 27, 2017 Editor 0

Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout Have you ever wondered what America’s pet peeve is? Based on the last year alone, I would wager it is media bias. After all, one can’t swing a dead cat these

Unprecedented Nominations Blockade

July 27, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by the Senate Republican Policy Committee: President Obama had 206 of his nominees confirmed in the first six months of his administration, while President Trump has had only 55 nominees confirmed. Ten nominees

Will 22 Million Americans Lose Their Healthcare if Obamacare is Replaced?

July 26, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Jon Miltimore at Intellectual Takeout: Sparked by John McCain’s return to the Capitol and Vice President Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote, Senate Republicans on Tuesday voted to advance to floor debate on the

Don’t Be a Fair Weather Federalist

July 25, 2017 Editor 0

Ilya Somin, Foundation for Economic Education Newly appointed Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken, who is also a leading federalism scholar, has an interesting interview on the future of progressive federalism in Commonwealth Magazine. The

Same Old Democrats

July 25, 2017 Editor 0

Peter Roff, U.S. News & World Report The Democrats are a party adrift. They’ve been able to slow the progress of the new administration to a considerable degree using parliamentary tricks and legislative maneuvers but

Steve Jobs Explained How to Fix Education in 1995

July 25, 2017 Editor 0

Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout Since Donald Trump got into office and appointed school choice supporter Betsy DeVos as the national education secretary, a good deal of ink has been spilled on the issue of school

Mitch McConnell, the president’s man in the Senate

July 24, 2017 Editor 0

Andrea Hatcher, Sewanee: The University of the South Being Senate majority leader isn’t easy. And Mitch McConnell is finding out that having unified government could make it harder still. As my research shows, U.S. Senate

Social Security is Sinking

July 21, 2017 Editor 0

Jon Miltimore, Intellectual Takeout: Via Money.CNN: “In an annual report released Thursday, trustees of the government’s two largest entitlement programs — Social Security and Medicare — urged lawmakers to act quickly to assure Americans they’ll

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