U.S. Is One Generation Away from a Greece-Like Debt Crisis

July 19, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Jon Miltimore at Intellectual Takeout: While Congressional Republicans bicker over tweaks to the Affordable Care Act, the federal debt prepares to pass the $20 trillion mark. That might sound like a lot,

What the Struggle for a Baby’s Life Reveals

July 17, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Julie Hocker at The Washington Times: Millions across the world are fighting, praying, and hoping for 11-month-old Charlie Gard’s chance to pursue living. Here, across the pond in the United States, we

Trump is Doing What He Said – Putting America’s Interests First

July 17, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported on CharlieGerow.com: Some on the left and far left side of the political spectrum are weeping,  wailing and gnashing their teeth over America’s “loss of world leadership” which they allege occurred during  the

Direct From The White House! President Trump’s Speech in Poland

July 6, 2017 Editor 0

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ______________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release                   July 6, 2017 REMARKS BY PRESIDENT TRUMP TO THE PEOPLE OF POLAND Krasiński Square Warsaw, Poland   1:16 P.M. CEST   MRS. TRUMP: 

Trump Elected to Fight Terror by the People, Not Elites

June 19, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Van Hipp at Newsmax: A third radical Islamist attack in Great Britain in less than three months. The recent arrest of two Islamic Jihad Organization supporters on American soil who were assessing

Jim Banks: The Most Recently Deployed Serviceman in Congress

June 16, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by JewishInsider: WASHINGTON – Serving in the Indiana State Senate, Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) received an unusual call, at least for a sitting lawmaker. As a reservist in the U.S. Navy, Banks was

Trump Will Solve the North Korea Issue… With or Without China

April 3, 2017 Editor 0

President Trump is ready to move forward against North Korea, with or without the help of China… Fox News reports:  Trump made the comments in a Financial Times interview posted Sunday on the newspaper’s website.

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