The Profession that Dare Not Speak Its Name

If someone is so delusional as to think I don’t work, then calling myself a “work-at-home mom” isn’t going to change their minds.... Read more

George Washington’s State of the Union Address Holds Lessons for the 21st Century

It was a time when government knew its limits and its proper place, and the people did too.... Read more

Red Flag Laws: Life-Saving or Authoritarian?

This legislative movement seeks to create a process to remove firearms from the homes of people who are rumored to be dangerous to themselves or others... Read more

How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Uncooperative Parents

Parents are increasingly required to obey, to conform to a school’s demands even if they believe such orders may not be appropriate for their child.... Read more

Long Before the Covington Incident, Orwell Revealed the Truth about Hate

If the media is “creating and fomenting” anger, this is only part of a bigger story. It may be time to take a lesson from '1984', the political allegor... Read more

What Cicero Would Say about Roger Stone

Is Mr. Stone guilty of his alleged crimes? We don’t know.... Read more

“That Wasn't Real Socialism”: A Better Way to Respond to the Claim

If socialists insist that "real socialism" has never been tried, it follows that neither has "real capitalism."... Read more

NFL Condones Criminals Says Police Union

NYC Police Union describes player as a ‘wild animal' after punching NYPD sergeant in the face.... Read more

Why Europe Leads the World in Arms Trading on the Dark Web

Numbers by the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey show that unregistered weapons outnumbered legal ones in 2017 by 44.5 million to 34.2 million.... Read more

Why I Don’t Apologize for Letting My Children Play Freely

Playing freely and having little adventures is part of childhood. So why do so many parents give me strange looks when my children roam and play?... Read more

Gillette and the Rise of Political Sycophancy

No wonder beards are making comeback.... Read more

Rights and Non-Rights: A Simple Way to Distinguish the Two

Despite the centrality of rights in American history, it’s readily apparent today that Americans are of widely different views on what a right is, how ... Read more

Remembering Dr. King’s Message of Nonviolence and Love

On a day we dedicate to King’s memory, let us remember the most important lessons he taught and any human can receive. Here are nine things MLK taught ... Read more

When News Stories are about News Stories, Something has Gone Wrong.

A lie, when repeated often enough...... Read more

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