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The Presidency to the Rescue: How America Begins the Downward Spiral Into Tyranny

Robert Osburn Celebrated this past July 4, America’s founding story of freedom is truly remarkable: unity, courage, integrity, and national integration... Read more

With Brett Kavanaugh, America will have a bold, brilliant Supreme Court justice

Conservative firebrand, and Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp recently penned an op-ed for The Hill on Supreme Court nominee Bre... Read more

Progressives Want to Revive FDR’s Undemocratic Court-Packing Idea

Tom Mullen Reeling in horror over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (or whomever Trump may have picked) to replace retiring Justice Antho... Read more

Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Killing Colts LB

Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, a Guatemalan man who is an undocumented illegal immigrant living in the United States, entered a guilty plea on two counts of... Read more

We Need School Choice for Education without Dogma

Ben Sharvy Do you want more choice in where you get your baby potatoes or your baby’s education? I have a brilliant idea! We should create a system of ... Read more

How Prices Keep Us from Squandering Resources

Jacob Dowell One of the most fundamental aspects of an economy is its allocation of resources, simply meaning how and where resources such as steel, ru... Read more

Why the Russian Hacking Narrative Is So Important to the Deep State

Jon Miltimore Sometime before the collapse of the German civilian government in the summer of 1917, chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg became awa... Read more

3 Things Economics Major Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets Totally Wrong About Economics

Andrew Berryhill A common criticism of Bernie Sanders is that “he doesn’t know anything about economics.” If only he had studied economics in college, ... Read more

Miami Dolphins Players who Protest Anthem Could Possibly Face Suspension

The Miami Dolphins have introduced a new policy included in every player’s contract, which is called the “Proper Anthem Conduct,” informing... Read more

The War on Drugs Has Failed. It’s Time to Rethink Our Prison System.

Jake Grant Last week, Canada made history when both the House of Commons and Senate passed legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Af... Read more

Another California City is Trying a Universal Basic Income: Will it Work?

Andrew Berryhill Starting in 2019, the city of Stockton will join San Francisco and Oakland in testing a “Universal Basic Income” (UBI) program that co... Read more

Rights and Political Revolution: When is Violence Justified?

Andrew Berryhill When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his planned retirement from the Court, progressives around the country expressed ... Read more

Pitcher Gets Standing Ovation from Fans Days after Inappropriate Tweets Resurface

Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher, Josh Hader, was showered with a standing ovation by the hometown Brewers fans just days after racist and homophobic t... Read more

‘Adulting’ School Founded to Teach Millennials How to Be Adults

Annie Holmquist In the last several years, there’s been growing alarm over the fact that many young people can no longer perform basic skills. In fact,... Read more

The Age Of The Useless Idiots

Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi • Frontiers of Freedom From the beginning of the 21st century the world has lived through the confusing years of violent counter... Read more

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