Schools Banning Parents from Lunchtime Visits

As a parent, you should wonder: What are the schools trying to hide?... Read more

College Students Don't Know Why They're Protesting

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are trying to change the name of the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation.... Read more

Why Most Academics Tilt Left

There’s no denying that an overwhelming majority of academics in universities across the country are liberal, progressive, socialist, or otherwise Left... Read more

Five Modern Wise Men Everyone Should Know

Wise men are not confined to Antiquity. Here are five wise men from the 21st Century.... Read more

When It Comes to Children's Books, It's Time to Put the Propaganda Away

Put the propaganda aside. There is a right way to familiarize students with important social issues through real literature.... Read more

School Choice Is More Than a Religious Movement

In the face of its historical legal battles and contemporary slander, it is a definitive point to be made that school choice is a movement with more su... Read more

What Lincoln's Secretary of State Can Teach Us About Hospitality

Lincoln's Secretary of State was famous for hosting dinners which brought together politicians of radically different opinions who always left the dinn... Read more

Kent State Basketball Commit Becomes the First Athlete with Autism to Earn Scholarship

Kalin Bennett will become the first athlete with autism to sign a letter of intent to play division 1 basketball.... Read more

High School Students Claim Ignorance Should Not Be Used Against Them in Exam Scores

Students are turning their own ignorance into an excuse for victimhood.... Read more

Why Teen Suicide Is Lower in States That Have More School Choice

New research links school choice with improved childhood mental health.... Read more

Two for the Price of One: Why More Schools Should Offer College Degrees in High School

Three ways a combined high school and college career can help both students and employers.... Read more

Why Ignorance Prevails in Politics

Why does the snake oil offered by political candidates prevail so often electorally compared to similar nonsense where people are free to make their ow... Read more

How International Students Add Billions to the US Economy

Billions upon billions of dollars enter the economy through this demographic in addition to the thousands and thousands of jobs they support.... Read more

How Dumbed Down Education is Creating a National Security Crisis

I know many young people who are educated, fit, and morally sound. I am certain my readers do as well. We just need more like them.... Read more

Parents, If We’re Going to Have Smart Government—Teach Your Kids Civics

The Constitution established a system of government made up not only of the three federal branches but also one in which a tripartite balance of powers... Read more

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