Harvard Study Shows the Dangers of Early School Enrollment

Are ADHD rates rising because we send children to school at younger ages?... Read more

Is Education a Commodity?

Commoditizing education might not be a bad thing, depending on your definition of the word.... Read more

Why You Can Expect More Entrepreneurs to Follow Elon Musk's Innovative Education Blueprint

WeGrow and Ad Astra share a similar educational philosophy focused on cultivating children’s passions, immersing them in authentic projects, and encour... Read more

America’s Decline of Civic Knowledge Puts Our Liberties at Risk

Both the quantity and quality of civics education in our schools seem to be lacking.... Read more

School Bans Designer Coats in Order to “Poverty Proof” Campus

The new policy is sheltering children from the realities of the world we live in and teaching them to resent the wealth of others.... Read more

The Brilliant Reason This School Decided to ‘Cancel’ Christmas

It seems there’s always some Grinch that wants to ruin Christmas every year.... Read more

A Perfect Solution to the Statue-Toppling Problem

Schools ought to teach history, not protest it.... Read more

A Case for Dropping out of College

Samuel Knoche thinks that he can get a good a college education on YouTube for free. He is probably right about the education part. But there are more ... Read more

Schools Banning Parents from Lunchtime Visits

As a parent, you should wonder: What are the schools trying to hide?... Read more

College Students Don't Know Why They're Protesting

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are trying to change the name of the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation.... Read more

Why Most Academics Tilt Left

There’s no denying that an overwhelming majority of academics in universities across the country are liberal, progressive, socialist, or otherwise Left... Read more

Five Modern Wise Men Everyone Should Know

Wise men are not confined to Antiquity. Here are five wise men from the 21st Century.... Read more

When It Comes to Children's Books, It's Time to Put the Propaganda Away

Put the propaganda aside. There is a right way to familiarize students with important social issues through real literature.... Read more

School Choice Is More Than a Religious Movement

In the face of its historical legal battles and contemporary slander, it is a definitive point to be made that school choice is a movement with more su... Read more

What Lincoln's Secretary of State Can Teach Us About Hospitality

Lincoln's Secretary of State was famous for hosting dinners which brought together politicians of radically different opinions who always left the dinn... Read more

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