Kent State Basketball Commit Becomes the First Athlete with Autism to Earn Scholarship

Kalin Bennett will become the first athlete with autism to sign a letter of intent to play division 1 basketball.... Read more

High School Students Claim Ignorance Should Not Be Used Against Them in Exam Scores

Students are turning their own ignorance into an excuse for victimhood.... Read more

Why Teen Suicide Is Lower in States That Have More School Choice

New research links school choice with improved childhood mental health.... Read more

Two for the Price of One: Why More Schools Should Offer College Degrees in High School

Three ways a combined high school and college career can help both students and employers.... Read more

Why Ignorance Prevails in Politics

Why does the snake oil offered by political candidates prevail so often electorally compared to similar nonsense where people are free to make their ow... Read more

How International Students Add Billions to the US Economy

Billions upon billions of dollars enter the economy through this demographic in addition to the thousands and thousands of jobs they support.... Read more

How Dumbed Down Education is Creating a National Security Crisis

I know many young people who are educated, fit, and morally sound. I am certain my readers do as well. We just need more like them.... Read more

Parents, If We’re Going to Have Smart Government—Teach Your Kids Civics

The Constitution established a system of government made up not only of the three federal branches but also one in which a tripartite balance of powers... Read more

Homeschool Is Unconstitutional? That’s What Brazil’s Supreme Court Ruled.

The idea that the state should protect children from their parents should be cause for astonishment among liberty defenders.... Read more

Academics Claim Their Non-PC Transgender Research is Being Censored

“Freedom of the intellect means the freedom to report what one has seen, heard, and felt, and not to be obliged to fabricate imaginary facts and feelin... Read more

Repair America's Constitutional Framework to Heal Its Sick Politics

Short-term politics creates unintended long-term consequences.... Read more

Today’s Young Voters Are Embracing Socialism for a Very Good Reason

A new survey finds that a third of young voters identify with some form of socialism.... Read more

The Wisdom of Barry Goldwater

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no vir... Read more

Colleges Urged by Fans to Drop Nike from School Teams

A growing number of college sports programs have been urged by thousands of fans and alumni to drop all Nike equipment and apparel. ... Read more

What Students Are Learning from the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

American society today decries partisanship yet promotes it in action.... Read more

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