Colin Kaepernick and Why the NFL is the New WWE

Does the NFL actually want the Colin Kaepernick controversy to continue?... Read more

Actor Hits Peak Trump Derangement Syndrome

Actor Tom Arnold clashed with producer Mark Burnett before the Emmys over a supposed hidden Trump-apprentice tape.... Read more

Bill Maher Slams ‘Patriotic Bull S**t’ and ‘Militarism’ at Sporting Events

Late night TV host, Bill Maher, called for the NFL and MLB to remove all support for the military, ‘flyovers and the flag.’... Read more

Sports and Politics: Do they Mix?

WATCH: UCLA football fans were recently asked about their thoughts on politics intertwining with sports.... Read more

Fallout From Serena Williams's U.S. Open Tirade

Tennis referees are threatening to unionize and boycott after the Serena Williams’s controversy at the U.S. Open. ... Read more

Comedian Explains the Death of Comedy

Conservative comedian Owen Benjamin recently collaborated with PregerU to discuss the state of comedy in America, or as Benjamin puts it, “the strange ... Read more

ESPN Host: Tiger Woods is “Not a black man”

Once again, ESPN and their liberal empire could not help themselves from forcing political propaganda down their viewers’ throats. The latest dis... Read more

ESPN: Your Leader in Sports Subscriber Losses

As the cable subscription data continues to be crunched and quantified, sports outlet leaders like ESPN, ESPNU, BTN, FS1 and NBCSN continue to lose sub... Read more

Is Political Correctness Killing Entertainment?

Richard Mason On August 3rd, 1966, stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce was found dead in his bathroom, seemingly of a drug overdose. Only 40 years old at the... Read more

Cutting Coal Could Mean Less Power, Bigger Bills

The President of Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE), Matt Kandrach, recently wrote an article regarding the dangers of cutting coal production... Read more

The Top 1% Have 40% of America’s Wealth: Is This a Problem?

Andrew Berryhill A 2017 study found that 66 percent of Democrats view economic inequality as a “very big” problem, and 93 percent believe it to be at l... Read more

The Liberal Snowflake of the Week goes to…

I thought I would share my typical, but nonetheless “eventful” walk home from work last night. Your Liberal Snowflake of the week…Dru... Read more

San Francisco’s Protectionist Attempt to Ban Company Cafeterias

Brittany Hunter Silicon Valley is no stranger to competition. The race to produce cutting-edge tech products that set you apart from the crowd is never... Read more

Political Change Starts with Self-Improvement

Gary M. Galles The Foundation for Economic Education’s founder Leonard Read’s book Accent on the Right (1968) hits the half-century mark this year. And... Read more

3 Nobel Prize-Winning Contributions to Economic Science (From People Who Weren’t Economists)

Luis Pablo De La Horra Since it was introduced in 1968, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences has been awarded to 79 individuals for their cont... Read more

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