Dumbfounded by American Socialism

How could the USA, the country based on the premise of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” suddenly advocate for communism and socialism? ... Read more

Don’t Blame Capitalism for Surging Student Debt and High Tuition

The student loan quagmire is chiefly the product of federal policy. ... Read more

Brazil Pivots Toward Economic Freedom

The Executive Provisional Act is a set of rules designed to boost free enterprise and impose limits to government intervention over small businesses.... Read more

What the NYT Fails to Mention about Dads and the Division of Labor at Home

Are dads shirking their duty by committing less time to child care or is there something else at play?... Read more

Why Aren't Automation and Baby Boomer Retirements Driving Consumer Prices Down?

How long will the American public keep buying this story and allowing the Federal Reserve to loot them with one hand and claim to save them with the ot... Read more

Thousands of Venezuelan Refugees Are Being Saved by a Quirk in Minimum Wage Law

Illegal refugees are not subject to minimum wage requirements in Trinidad and Tobago, and that’s a good thing.... Read more

Fugees Rapper Charged in Obama Super PAC Fraud Scheme

Former Fugees rapper Pras Michel is set to be charged in relation to Obama fundraising scheme.... Read more

A Conservation Program That Has Preserved 30 Million Acres of Habitat Is Being Threatened

A win-win conservation policy is under attack by the IRS and the DOJ.... Read more

The Three Phases of Socialism

After 20 years of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, its economy is collapsing and the state is in turmoil.... Read more

Italy’s Debt Crisis Puts the European Union at a Crossroads

The Italian economic crisis is just the tip of the iceberg for the EU.... Read more

Denver’s Effort to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms Shows the Drug War's Next Phase

This was the first time that any effort had been made to decriminalize psilocybin since it was given its “Schedule I” classification in 1968.... Read more

North Korea Fires ‘Unidentified’ Rocket

North Korea launches an "unidentified" projectile missile, amid ongoing tensions with U.S. relations.... Read more

The Soviet and Nazi Inception: A Married Ideology

The manikin of socialism was identical for the Nazis and Soviets.... Read more

Zimbabwe Is a Basket Case; Botswana Shows It Doesn't Have to Be

It will take years for Zimbabwe to get out of the hole that Mugabe dug...... Read more

Distractions Don’t Have to Control You

Why did so many become addicted to distraction?... Read more

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