Legal Insurrection: For conservatives at Cornell University, high price for free speech

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The other day I came up with a line I’m pretty happy with.

During an interview with Bill Whittle on NRA TV, I pointed out that I am “The One” at Cornell Law School, where I teach.

Here’s the excerpt:

Whittle: And we’re speaking with William Jacobson of the website Legal Insurrection, who we should also point out is also a professor at Cornell Law School, which makes him pretty much as rare as [inaudible] out there, you must be leading a lonely life out there ….

WAJ: I am the only open conservative on our entire law faculty of over 50 law professors, so I’m not the 1%, I’m actually The One.” …

There was truth in that jest.

I pointed to a report by the student newspaper The Cornell Sun showing that 97% of faculty donations went to Democrats, and a College Fix study that 11 departments at Cornell have zero registered Republicans.

I also could have pointed to the defeat of a resolution at the student assembly asking the faculty Senate to study the issue of faculty diversity of political thought, which was defeated.

The lack of faculty diversity of political opinion is not just a theoretical matter. The increasing role of faculty in joining the “resistance” against Trump helps feed an increasing hostility towards…

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