How PC Moralism Cuts Us Off From Our Cultural Heritage

"Disagreement today is less a provocation to discussion and debate, and more an excuse for maledictions and anathemas."... Read more

The Profession that Dare Not Speak Its Name

If someone is so delusional as to think I don’t work, then calling myself a “work-at-home mom” isn’t going to change their minds.... Read more

Why I Don’t Apologize for Letting My Children Play Freely

Playing freely and having little adventures is part of childhood. So why do so many parents give me strange looks when my children roam and play?... Read more

Can Patriotism and Nationalism Co-exist?

Can a patriot be a nationalist and vice versa? If not, why not?... Read more

Politics Is Destroying Civil Society—But Gratitude Can Save Us

The seeds of civil society are sown through the practice of gratitude.... Read more

D.C. Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License to Let Children Play Together

We don’t need a license to let our children play.... Read more

Are We Becoming a Victimocracy?

It’s at least plausible to suspect that a relatively new and poorly understood phenomenon called victimocracy is taking hold of politics in the Anglosp... Read more

Free Speech Is about the Search for Truth, Not a Benevolence to Others

“Until we have thoroughly understood this principle, we shall not know why we must value our liberty, or how we can protect and develop it.”... Read more

Tearing Down Social Platforms Like Gab Won't Stop the Violence

If Twitter isn't responsible for ISIS and Facebook isn't responsible for murder, why is Gab responsible for the synagogue shooting?... Read more

Why believing in ghosts can make you a better person

Ghost stories are often about the departed seeking justice for an earthly wrong. Their sightings are a reminder that ethics and morality transcend our ... Read more

Why is it fun to be frightened?

Visiting a haunted house or watching a horror movie can be terrifying and enjoyable at the same time. A sociologist explains the psychological benefits... Read more

How to Stop Being a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Your Own Life

Relinquish your inner-NPC and realize you have the power to choose how you respond to events.... Read more

Whatever Happened to Coffee Shop Courtesy?

All of us want to be treated with respect and dignity. But all too often, sometimes deliberately, sometimes carelessly, we fail to extend that respect ... Read more

Is There Room for Personal Growth in the Age of Digital Shaming?

When we aggressively pile on and focus all of our energy on humiliating and ostracizing people who make comments we don't like, we rob them of the oppo... Read more

Forget Lemonade Stands, These 'Kidtrepreneurs' Are Running Million-Dollar Companies

More and more kids are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and running wildly successful businesses.... Read more

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