Why Are Feminists Secretly Attracted to Chivalrous Men?

Being a gentleman is politically incorrect... but are feminists ignoring this?... Read more

A Progressive Explains Why the Left Downplays Family Structure

Are we actually more bigoted and discriminatory toward children when we refuse to promote the traditional two-parent family?... Read more

Doxing: The Dangers of Cyber-Tribe Hunting

Grotesque jokes on Facebook about a fatal accident in Holland resulted in a cyber witch-hunt for the offending jokesters. Is it dangerous that people a... Read more

Do Participation Trophies Actually Make Kids Worse Off?

If we want students to try activities, to learn to work hard, to overcome challenges, and pursue their dreams, we need to stop demeaning their activiti... Read more

How C.S. Lewis Predicted the PC War on Literature

What makes for a good book? There are many possible answers: beautiful prose, interesting characters, a well-crafted plot, and so on, all of which cont... Read more

When anti-waste campaigns backfire

Research shows that campaigns that try to make consumers feel guilty about the amount they waste often make things worse, not better. A new study point... Read more

Three Ways the U.S. has Changed Since 9/11

Seventeen years after Pearl Harbor the United States presided over a stable world order and a robust, growing economy. Seventeen years after 9/11, the... Read more

The Trend Suggesting Millennials are Feeling Their Childless Void

Annie Holmquist Millennials take a lot of heat for things. They’re rude, we’re told. They’re over-sensitive. They’re irresponsible. They can’t adult. O... Read more

A Doctor Explains His Prescription for Happiness

Annie Holmquist I was working with a little eight-year-old girl on an assignment the other day when she stopped, looked at me curiously and asked, “Why... Read more

Revered College President Explains What Parents Miss in Preparing Their Children for College

Annie Holmquist Packing up the car and taking a kid to college is always hard. Mom holds back tears and worries about the health of her “baby.” Dad che... Read more

The Mistake You Make in Every Political Argument

Robin Koerner We’ve all been sufficiently frustrated by the gap between the values someone espouses and the policies they support that we’ve gotten int... Read more

Feeling Grateful for Gratitude

Lawrence W. Reed With a few paragraphs in an email message, a lady named Wynne Wages really made my day last Wednesday (July 25, 2018). Her simple but ... Read more

Why Is the Nanny State so Popular?

Bill Wirtz Bans on plastic straws, soda taxes, bans on diesel cars, the crackdown on smoking, restrictions on alcohol consumption: the list of restrict... Read more

Young Minds Are Undermined by Today’s Fashionable Philosophies

Sean Malone Rates of teenage depression and suicide in America are rising. Attempts to explain this increase have centered around ideas that are now pe... Read more

Cutting Coal Could Mean Less Power, Bigger Bills

The President of Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE), Matt Kandrach, recently wrote an article regarding the dangers of cutting coal production... Read more

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