Thousands of Venezuelan Refugees Are Being Saved by a Quirk in Minimum Wage Law

Illegal refugees are not subject to minimum wage requirements in Trinidad and Tobago, and that’s a good thing.... Read more

Fugees Rapper Charged in Obama Super PAC Fraud Scheme

Former Fugees rapper Pras Michel is set to be charged in relation to Obama fundraising scheme.... Read more

A Conservation Program That Has Preserved 30 Million Acres of Habitat Is Being Threatened

A win-win conservation policy is under attack by the IRS and the DOJ.... Read more

Italy’s Debt Crisis Puts the European Union at a Crossroads

The Italian economic crisis is just the tip of the iceberg for the EU.... Read more

Zimbabwe Is a Basket Case; Botswana Shows It Doesn't Have to Be

It will take years for Zimbabwe to get out of the hole that Mugabe dug...... Read more

Government Can’t Discriminate Against Chick-fil-A—Just Like It Can’t Against Same-Sex Couples

What is at stake here is freedom, liberty, and a basic immunity from government discrimination.... Read more

Anti-Car Policies Mean Even More People Are Dying on LA's Highways

Los Angeles city bureaucrats want fewer cars on the streets. Unfortunately, their plans have side effects which endanger human life and safety.... Read more

Venezuela Is an Irrefutable Indictment of Socialist Ideology

Venezuela boasts the most abundant oil reserves in the world but the consequences of socialist policies have become all too apparent...... Read more

Drones Have the Potential to Rapidly Improve Our World, If We Allow Them To

Who knows, maybe in the next ten years we’ll see drones delivering pizzas to people’s front doors or even someday providing quick transportation!... Read more

Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Eliminate Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think

The elimination of monetary incentives can hardly have anything but a material detrimental effect on the quality of education provided in the US.... Read more

My Elder’s Misguided Prayer on “Starvation Wages”

The necessity of mutual gains to sellers and buyers is a simple, powerful proposition that escapes guilt-trippers’ thought processes.... Read more

Game of Thrones Shows the Problems of Centralized Power

The show acts almost as a thought experiment for what happens when imperfect human beings vie for control in a power vacuum and subsequently attain the... Read more

You Can Work for the Bernie 2020 Campaign, but Don't Expect Health Insurance

The Sanders campaign is currently advertising nearly two dozen job positions on the campaign website.... Read more

Freedom or Government Control — There Is No True "Third Way"

Government interventions in the marketplace create side effects which distort markets and impoverish consumers. ... Read more

The Definition of Inflation Is Incomplete

Today, mainstream economists hold the notion that inflation is an increase in the price of goods or services. The issue with this definition is that it... Read more

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