Five Reasons for the Weakness of the Argentine Economy

It is not easy to change the failed policies of the Kirchner era without recognizing the enormous monetary and fiscal hole created by the previous admi... Read more

How a Tiny Village Transformed China’s Economy by Proving Incentives Matter

Separating reward from effort kills the initiative to work.... Read more

One Reason Teachers Should Be Paid More

Teacher salaries haven’t kept pace with student spending...... Read more

Bernie’s Senior Economic Advisor Sees No Problem in Printing Unlimited Money

If a country created more money than its economy could possibly justify, its money would mean nothing!... Read more

Listen to Immigrants Who've Actually Lived Under Socialism

By every major benchmark, today is the best time in history, thanks to the triumph of free peoples, free minds and free markets.... Read more

The Government Wants to Protect You from (Affordable) Digital Eye Exams

This law has little to do with patient safety and everything to do with protectionism.... Read more

Food Prices in 1919 Compared to Today

Capitalism isn't as "irredeemable" as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have you to believe.... Read more

AOC's $7 Croissant and the Value of Labor

Justice requires different pay for different contributions.... Read more

California Lawmakers Take Aim at Single-Use Shampoo Bottles—Amid Poo Epidemic

Of course, the measure allows state and local agencies to issue citations and impose fines, so government fundraising is also in the mix.... Read more

Beto O’Rourke Releases Proposal for $5 Trillion Climate Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke reveals his $5 trillion climate change plan to stop global warming.... Read more

How Shark Tank Reveals the Secret of Action and Entrepreneurship

Human action and entrepreneurship is motivated by the realization that things could always be better.... Read more

Nicaragua: Latin America's Other Socialist-Spawned Crisis

2018 was the year when, yet again, the socialist model proved its inability to generate benefits for a population. ... Read more

How France's Yellow Vest Protesters Are Different from America's Tea Party

The Yellow Vests are either ignorant or hypocritical...... Read more

Why McDonald’s Gave Up the Minimum Wage Fight

The world’s largest fast food company will be just fine. But what about workers?... Read more

With Gun Ban, Pittsburgh Lawmakers Virtue Signal on Taxpayers’ Dime

This gun control law is one huge taxpayer-funded political advertisement.... Read more

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