Prof Who Called Trump’s Election ‘Terrorism’ Gets Honored by Her Colleagues

A few months ago, a professor at Orange Coast College went on multiple long rants about how Trump’s election was terrorism.  Following that, the student who recorded her legally was suspended and threatened because of his exposure of her hate.

Campus Reform reports that this professor will now be honored for her work…

e Orange Coast College professor who called Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” was named “Faculty Member of the Year” by her colleagues.

The award, selected by a panel of school administrators and professors, comes with the opportunity to speak at the school’s graduation as commencement speaker, but Olga Perez Stable-Cox declined the award for unknown reasons, Executive Director of College Advancement Doug Bennet told Campus Reform.

“The selection is made via a committee that consists of faculty, staff, and administrators and is based on a rubric that takes into account a variety of factors,” he explained. “The recommendation for the awards along with awards for staff member of the year and faculty member of the year are also recommended via the same process and same committee.”


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