Shutting down social media does not reduce violence, but rather fuels it

In the wake of the Sri Lanka attacks, government shut off its residents’ access to social media and online messaging systems.... Read more

Why McDonald’s Gave Up the Minimum Wage Fight

The world’s largest fast food company will be just fine. But what about workers?... Read more

Electric Cars Aren’t Nearly as Green as People Think

Next time you see an electric car or a charging station, keep in mind the emissions involved in producing the battery and the electricity used to keep ... Read more

Kenya’s Fishing Crisis Reminds Us of the Benefits of Free Trade

Thanks to trade with the Chinese, more Africans have access to safe food they would otherwise lack.... Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Systems Could Threaten Democracy

Policymakers should think carefully about the risks of AI systems to their own societies and to people living under authoritarian regimes around the wo... Read more

A Pro-Life Argument for Legalizing Marijuana

Many women, finding no relief from any of the traditional options, have turned to cannabis in order to ease their symptoms.... Read more

Electricity Access Is Spreading (Except in Venezuela)

The lack of access to electricity is having an unprecedented humanitarian impact on the Venezuelan population.... Read more

Ocasio-Cortez's Selective Memory on the New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never misses the opportunity to bash capitalism...... Read more

What if Climate Warriors Put their Money Where their Mouths Are?

For Climate Warriors, the defeat of the Green New Deal should not be gloomed over, as it offers the ability to put their money where their mouths are.... Read more

SpaceX Is Giving an Open Demonstration of Crony Capitalism

SpaceX is not only damaging to advancement within the aerospace industry but also harmful to American institutions in general. ... Read more

The Apocalypse Has Been Postponed

Progressive argue that unless profound changes in public policy are made to reduce worldwide carbon emissions, we face an impending world-wide climate ... Read more

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Going to Tell Physicians How to Prescribe Medication

Reform is necessary, but a single absolutist government uniform tweet-level decree is never going to be the answer.... Read more

Doctor: Facts on Biological Sex Differences Are Being Ignored

Are we so committed to the idea of equality that we look the other way when facts show us that differences between the sexes exist?... Read more

Study Estimates the Green New Deal to Cost $93 Trillion — That's a Conservative Estimate

The GND would add trillions in government debt, making energy and transportation more expensive for American households and businesses.... Read more

The "Fertility Crisis" Is a Government-Caused Crisis

January's report on fertility from the CDC set off a new wave of speculation in the media about the alleged "fertility crisis."... Read more

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