No, Robots Won't Make Us All Unemployed

Vocal supporters who insist technology advancements will result in massive unemployment, continue to push UBI for society.... Read more

Don’t Pet the Jaguars: The Consequences of Humanizing Animals

"When we treat animals like humans, we expect them to respond like humans."... Read more

Why We Don’t Have Generic Insulin

In a free market, competition is the best way for improvements in the levels of quality and service that a consumer receives in their products.... Read more

The Green New Deal Is More Profession of Faith Than Policy

Endorsement of the Green New Deal represents faith in the redemptive power of imposed economic suffering to conquer the sins of capitalism.... Read more

The Trolley Problem and Self-Driving Cars

Lives may certainly be saved, but property damage, animal life, and utility may suffer declines in other areas.... Read more

The Feds Are Forcing Healthcare Workers to Get Flu Shots They Don’t Need

Flu shot mandates are just the tip of a repressive needle that will be pushed deeper into our personal freedoms if we allow.... Read more

The Green New Deal Continues the War on Meat

The Green New Deal makes a concerted push to demonize meat culture.... Read more

Is Darwinism ‘Still True’? A Journalist Ponders the Question.

Darwin’s defenders, insist that he was—and still is—right, even as they continue to concede that he has a missing link.... Read more

Economist: The Green New Deal Is Built on Fear, Not Facts

The most effective plan for dealing with its current popularity is to simply present the facts.... Read more

Pushing Up Daisies: Human Beings as Compost

Have we lost the traditional respect for the dead?... Read more

The Green New Disaster

The Democrat’s new plan to combat climate change may be the worst policy proposal ever.... Read more

How Corruption in Forensic Science is Harming the Criminal Justice System

"Forensic science is vulnerable to distortions caused by corruption or misconduct."... Read more

The Two Energy Futures Facing America

Energy improvement does not depend on geography or race but on the right institutions. Sustainable energy—available, affordable, and reliable—requires ... Read more

Congress Wants to Regulate Data Collection, but Is It Worth the Costs?

For people who value their privacy, the market already offers solutions.... Read more

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