If You Only Read One Podesta Email… Make it This one.

November 3, 2016 Editor 0

When Chelsea Clinton went digging around The Clinton Foundation, she found some interesting inconsistencies with the way payments were coming in, from whom they were coming and to whom they were going.  She began asking

Donald Trump Rolls out Bill Clinton’s Accusers

October 10, 2016 Editor 0

Prior to Sunday night’s debate, Donald Trump did something that many never thought he would, holding a press conference with all of Bill Clinton’s accusers. Politico reports, “Seated beside four women — including Juanita Broaddrick,

MUST WATCH! Bill Clinton Says Obamacare is Awful

October 4, 2016 Editor 0

Bill Clinton, while stumping for Hillary the other day, went on a bit of a tirade about how awful Obamacare is. Speaking on the failing “affordable” health care plan, he said “So you’ve got this crazy

Legal Insurrection: Hillary’s War on (Bill Clinton’s) Women

October 4, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by Legal Insurrection Democrats and their media allies are trying to revive the “war on women” from their 2012 playbook. The best they can do however, is accuse Trump of fat shaming a

Dilbert Creator Endorses Trump

September 28, 2016 Editor 0

In the battle of comic strip endorsements, Trump has pulled ahead with that of the famous cubicle worker, Dilbert.  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert has officially endorsed the Republican nominee The UK Daily Mirror reports: The

WATCH! The Lying Adventures of Phil and Billary

September 28, 2016 Editor 0

You don’t want to miss the latest hilarious episode of The Lying Adventures of Phil and Billary presented by our friends at Freedom’s Defense Fund!  Watch it here! Advertisement

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