Twitter is Trump’s Pulpit and Trap

June 16, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Eleven years ago, as impossible as it is to imagine, we lived in a world without Twitter. Better than a decade later, the four people who created the on-line news and

Report Finds Thousands of Noncitizens on Voter Rolls in Virginia

June 15, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Rachel del Guidice on The Daily Signal: Virginia election officials removed thousands of voters from voter rolls between 2011 and May 2017, according to a conservative legal organization. In a report released

Kellyanne Conway Hands it to Jennifer Palmieri

December 4, 2016 Editor 0

After every election, the Harvard Institute of Politics holds a post-mortem election breakdown with members of each campaign discussing what happened. Every time this happens, it leads to civil conversation and discussion… except this year,

Hillary says She’s Struggling To Leave Her House

November 17, 2016 Editor 0

Hillary Clinton, the loser in the Presidential Election held last week, has not been seen in public except for what many had been believed to be a staged photo of her meeting a woman while

Hillary: Not My Fault I Lost

November 15, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by Legal Insurrection by Mary Chastain   It is never ever a Clinton’s fault when they fail. Never. Of course Hillary has pointed the finger at FBI Director James Comey while others blame

MRC: Election Safe Spaces Offered to Virginia Tech Students

November 14, 2016 Editor 0

MRC is reporting that Virginia Tech is offering safe spaces for college students who have felt lost, saddened and stressed since the results of last Tuesday’s election. They write: Donald Trump shocked the world by

Dunetz: The Pundits were ALL WRONG

November 14, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by The Lid Well the pundits were wrong weren’t they. Here’s to the political pundits, both right wing and left, who sat in their ivory towers saying there was no way Donald Trump would

Publicly Funded Sports Stadiums On The Ballot in 2016

November 13, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD The worlds of sports and politics collide in the debate over the validity of publicly funded sports stadiums. People often draw parallels between sports and politics, because of their obvious similarities. Once in

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