The Future of the GOP According to a Millennial

September 13, 2017 Hank Eckardt 0

It’s easy to feel content with the status of the republican party since we currently control the White House and Congress. However, if Republicans are going to remain in power, we’ll need to adjust the

Dear Fellow Millennials, Socialism Isn’t Fair

August 10, 2017 Hank Eckardt 0

The understanding that capitalism is the superior economic system only lasted for about 25 years after the Cold War ended. Bernie Sanders’ popularity in the 2016 election shows that the left tolerates, and often celebrates,

Millennial Offers the True Reason Her Generation is So Fragile

July 17, 2017 Editor 0

Originally reported by Jon Multimode at Intellectual Takeout: The caricature of the emotionally fragile millennial is a powerful and pervasive one in our culture today. Theories abound offering explanations as to why many members of

Working Through College: Tips To Help Guide The Way

March 2, 2017 Editor 0

by Alanna Palomino, GenFKD Working through college can be a daunting lifestyle. When most people begin their first semester of college, they are nervous about the workload. Regardless of whether it is a full-time or part-time

Affordable Starter Homes In Short Supply For Millennials

December 23, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD Millennials are hanging out at Mom and Dad’s house for as long as they can, and it’s largely due to a number of factors, one of which is a shortage of affordable

Millennial Career Expectations: Why 70% of Us Are Disengaged at Work

November 14, 2016 Editor 0

by Caroline Beaton, GenFKD Millennial career expectations continue to seem out of step with employment norms. Of the million millennial respondents in Gallup’s 2016 work engagement survey, 70% are disengaged at work. Another survey of a

Do Millennials Prefer Cities or Suburbs?

November 6, 2016 Editor 0

by David Grasso, GenFKD When people envision our age group, they largely picture that we, the young and hip millennials, prefer cities much more than suburbs. After all, many of us came of age during the

WiseBanyan: A Totally Free Investment Option

October 19, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by GenFKD by Desirae Odjick You know how people say the best things in life are free? It turns out, they might have been talking about investing – as long as they’ve been using

GenFKD: The Millennial Vote: How We Can Decide the 2016 Election

October 19, 2016 Editor 0

by Amée LaTour, GenFKD The Millennial vote the potential to have a greater impact on the 2016 election than any race before. The question is, will they show up at the polls? By the numbers In 2015,

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