Students in the UK want White Philosophers Removed from Syllabus

January 9, 2017 Editor 0

In what should not be a shocking move to many who have been watching the Social Justice Warrior community grow and thrive in academia, Students at one school in England want to “decolonize” and cut

MTV Promotes Racism

December 20, 2016 Editor 0

Originally Published by Legal Insurrection by William A. Jacobson   MTV News just released an incredibly racist and sexist video directed at White males. The video reduces tens of millions of people to stereotypes based on

Racism: Berkeley student protesters blockade whites

October 27, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by Legal Insurrection  The Obama administration is turning a blind eye to racial harassment – because the victims are white students. The harassment, which occurred at the University of California at Berkeley, was

Trump Gave Out Much More Than Play Doh In Louisiana

August 29, 2016 Editor 0

Originally published by The Lid It is true that Trump sent an 18-wheeler full of supplies to meet him in Louisiana to hand out to the people whose lives were damaged by the flooding, and it

White Lives Matter To Be Listed As Hate Group By SPLC

August 29, 2016 Editor 0

From the Huffington Post “White Lives Matter will soon be listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC said the status will be reflected in the next update of its “Hate Map,”