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ACU Endorses Marsha Blackburn

​The American Conservative Union (ACU) announced its endorsement of Marsha Blackburn for election in Tennessee to the United States Senate.... Read more

New California Law Will Require Kids’ Menus to List Water and Milk as Only Drink Options

As if you thought the notorious nanny state couldn't get any more intrusive.... Read more

Today’s Young Voters Are Embracing Socialism for a Very Good Reason

A new survey finds that a third of young voters identify with some form of socialism.... Read more

The Wisdom of Barry Goldwater

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no vir... Read more

Why People Should Stop Saying “Government Should Be Run Like a Business”

This suggestion reflects a poor understanding of what makes the private sector successful in the first place.... Read more

Age of Rage: Five Possible Reasons for Our Current Madness

How did we arrive at a point in our history where gangs of hecklers chase politicians from restaurants, where senate hearings have lost all decorum, wh... Read more

Fighter Shouts Out Justice Kavanaugh After Victory

Following his UFC 229 win, Nik Lentz defeated his opponent and gave a special shout out, including a new nickname to the new Supreme Court Justice, Bre... Read more

SWIFT and the Weaponization of the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. has used the system as a stick before. Continuing down this path could trigger de-dollarization and an ensuing currency crisis.... Read more

The Constitutional Case to Confirm Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court

Senators should be seeking to answer one question: Would Justice Brett Kavanaugh faithfully interpret and uphold the Constitution? His record suggests ... Read more

The One Question You Can Ask to Uncover a President’s Economic Principles

What is the economic problem that society faces, and how will you help solve it?... Read more

What Students Are Learning from the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

American society today decries partisanship yet promotes it in action.... Read more

The First Amendment: Mugged by Political Correctness

We are careening toward a classic, age-old battle pitting free speech advocates versus defenders of private property rights... Read more

Handmaid’s Tale Author: Encouraging Writers to Get Political Is a Recipe for Authoritarianism

Atwood’s admonitions against turning writers into propagandists offer a refreshing perspective on today’s literary culture.... Read more

Why Does Michelle Obama Think Ignorant Voters Are Just Fine?

America wasn’t founded as a democracy to be run by voters acting on their feelings and opinions.... Read more

Would the US be Happy Doing Things the ‘Swedish Way’?

Sweden has traditionally been portrayed in the US political debate as the epitome of democratic socialism... but would such a system work here?... Read more

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