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California's Bill Restricting Speech Is Authoritarian

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Stop Blaming the State for Your Problems; Criticize by Creating

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Why Congress Must Stop Deferring Its Authority to the Executive Branch

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Justice Ginsburg Calls Kavanaugh Hearings a "Highly Partisan Show"

The Supreme Court Justice held nothing back when commenting on the current nomination process.... Read more

Nike Outlet Calls Police on Man Waving Pro-Police Flag in Front of Store

A Nike Outlet in Little Rock, Arkansas called the police on a man peacefully waving a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag outside of the store.... Read more

Actor Hits Peak Trump Derangement Syndrome

Actor Tom Arnold clashed with producer Mark Burnett before the Emmys over a supposed hidden Trump-apprentice tape.... Read more

Why You Can't Blame Hurricane Florence on Trump

Not only has Trump not been in office long enough for any of his environmental policies to have a real effect on global climate, hurricanes aren't actu... Read more

Sports and Politics: Do they Mix?

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The Politicization of the Young Isn't Cute. It’s Creepy Political Evangelism.

Feeding youngsters with our own convictions or giving them national platforms is problematic for several reasons.... Read more

Special Report on Government Aborted Baby Body Parts Contractor

Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. Purchased Body Parts from Planned Parenthood and Sold to Government-Funded Researchers... Read more

When anti-waste campaigns backfire

Research shows that campaigns that try to make consumers feel guilty about the amount they waste often make things worse, not better. A new study point... Read more

Three Ways the U.S. has Changed Since 9/11

Seventeen years after Pearl Harbor the United States presided over a stable world order and a robust, growing economy. Seventeen years after 9/11, the... Read more

Donald Trump Wanted To Rebuild Even Bigger

Then a private citizen, Donald Trump wanted to rebuild the World Trade Center even bigger.... Read more