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My Obamacare Nightmare: Yes, the Government Can Terminate Your Healthcare

In the words of P.J. O’Rouke, if you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free.... Read more

“V for Vendetta” Shows How Crises Are Exploited to Destroy Liberty

The solution is a broad rejection of the “centralizing perspective” that threatens to bring America closer to the dystopian world of 'V for Vendetta'.... Read more

Ocasio-Cortez's Selective Memory on the New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never misses the opportunity to bash capitalism...... Read more

What if Climate Warriors Put their Money Where their Mouths Are?

For Climate Warriors, the defeat of the Green New Deal should not be gloomed over, as it offers the ability to put their money where their mouths are.... Read more

President Trump Claims Immigration Victory in 9th Circuit Court

President Donald Trump claimed immigration victory after shocking ruling from liberal 9thCircuit Court. ... Read more

AOC Backs Rep. Omar after 9/11 Comments

AOC and friends continue to push victim card after Rep. Ilhan Omar's 9/11 comments.... Read more

The Hidden Costs of the Minimum Wage

Minimum wage proponents mean well, but the unintended consequences hurt the worst-off the most.... Read more

Assange's Arrest Threatens Global Press Freedom

Julian Assange was arrested and faces U.S. charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. ... Read more

Meet The Democrats Lining Up To Run Against President Trump

It seems like every Democrat ever is running for President. Meet the full list, so far...... Read more

What Should We Make of Peter Buttigieg’s “Democratic Capitalism”?

A true believer in individual rights and private property would never sacrifice the free market to the will of the majority.... Read more

Income Is Determined by the Scarcity of Your Contribution, Not the Value of Human Worth

"When you understand that wages are just measurements of scarcity, deriving from differences in work and people, the absurdity of minimum wage increase... Read more

FS1 Host Blasts NBA Player Who Apologized For White Privilege

Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock destroys Kyle Korver’s apology article for white privilege.... Read more

Does Economic Stability Contribute to Growth?

For most economic experts the role of central authorities is to make the economy as stable as possible. What do they mean by economic stability? ... Read more

U.S. Pentagon Awards First Border Wall Contracts

U.S. Pentagon approves nearly $1 billion in spending contracts for Southern border wall.... Read more

The Medicare for All Push Is an Admission of Government's Failed Health Care Experiment

Popularized by Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All has won the support of the broader progressive movement.... Read more