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Congress Wants to Regulate Data Collection, but Is It Worth the Costs?

For people who value their privacy, the market already offers solutions.... Read more

Kaepernick’s Attorney Claims NFL Owners ‘Kowtowing’ to Trump

Kaepernick and Geragos are blaming the NFL owners, along with President Trump, for being the reason why he isn’t on a current NFL roster.... Read more

Long Before the Covington Incident, Orwell Revealed the Truth about Hate

If the media is “creating and fomenting” anger, this is only part of a bigger story. It may be time to take a lesson from '1984', the political allegor... Read more

California’s New Governor Calls for a Tax on Drinking Water

Communities throughout the state struggle with dangerous pollutants in their supply, but opponents of the suggested tax say there is no need to tax res... Read more

What Cicero Would Say about Roger Stone

Is Mr. Stone guilty of his alleged crimes? We don’t know.... Read more

Markets Are Inescapable Realities, Not Tools to Use When Convenient

Attempts to manipulate markets toward particular policy goals often threaten the social fabric of society.... Read more

This Bill Gives Too Much Power To the Federal Government

PILF to Congress: H.R. 1 Invites Vulnerabilities in Elections... Read more

WATCH: Why Trump Won

President Trump may be called a "populist," but at its core, conservatism is about serving the people.... Read more

Is Tucker Right?

Is Tucker Carlson right to argue that the free market can be destructive to the family?... Read more

Gillette and the Rise of Political Sycophancy

No wonder beards are making comeback.... Read more

The Consumer-First Approach to Sports Betting

CASE President Matthew Kandrach Testifies Before NCSL on Future of Sports Gaming... Read more

Rights and Non-Rights: A Simple Way to Distinguish the Two

Despite the centrality of rights in American history, it’s readily apparent today that Americans are of widely different views on what a right is, how ... Read more

When News Stories are about News Stories, Something has Gone Wrong.

A lie, when repeated often enough...... Read more

Why Trump's EPA Is Right to Reverse the Obama Administration’s Regulatory Power Grab on Mercury Emissions

The Trump EPA is rejecting the flawed reasoning the Obama administration used to broaden its power under the Clean Air Act in favor of the rule of law.... Read more

FCC Should Continue Shift Toward Market-Proven Technologies

The role of government is to protect our rights, not to dictate every aspect of the private economy.... Read more

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