US Politics

Texas SOS Refers Democrat Party Noncitizen Mailers to Attorney General

Key voter fraud opponent applauds Texas' move to investigate Democrat election practices... Read more

Our United States of (Political) Dissatisfaction

In these divisive times, we’d all be wise to remember that a general, society-wide state of dissatisfaction at the “current state of affairs” is strong... Read more

Why the U.S. Must Become an 'Aspirational' Society Once Again

If America returned to being an aspirational society, would we see less bickering and more prosperity amongst its citizens?... Read more

Have Antipoverty Programs Increased Poverty?

Economists James Gwartney and Thomas McCaleb talk about four disincentive mechanisms: the higher real benefit effect, the high implicit tax effect, the... Read more

Regulate Google, Facebook, and Twitter as Public Utilities? Bad Idea.

Regulating tech companies like public utilities only entrenches them as monopolies, which is the opposite of what we want.... Read more

No Mas: Enforce the Law, Protect Our Borders

A country that can’t control its borders is by definition no longer a country.... Read more

Repair America's Constitutional Framework to Heal Its Sick Politics

Short-term politics creates unintended long-term consequences.... Read more

Prejudiced Busybodies Would Be Powerless without Big Government

As much as the case of Corey Lewis reveals America’s ongoing problems with racism, so too does it uncover an equally threatening problem with the growi... Read more

A Third of Millennials Identify as Democratic Socialists: Why I am Not Surprised

A recent survey shows that a third of Millennials identify as "Democratic Socialists". Given their financial straits, I am not surprised. ... Read more

Judicial Nominations Taking Too Long - Revised Senate Rule Needed

The current rules are being used to delay the confirmation process - and can easily be changed, as they have historically.... Read more

The Myths about Money in Politics Are Worse Than the Reality

Claims about the dangers of money in politics are riddled with ignorance and hypocrisy.... Read more

President Trump's Deregulation Continues

President Trump Is Following Through On His Promise To Cut Burdensome Red Tape And Unleash The American Economy... Read more

Can the Government Speed Up Innovation?

If the law precedes technological advancement, then industry will not be able to keep up. If the law is made after the advancement, then it wasn't nece... Read more

Fixing the Nation’s Vulnerable Postal Service Depends on the Completion of the STOP Act

The STOP Act is a significant success for lawmakers and the administration to strengthen the nation’s public safety and combat the opioid crisis.... Read more

Why NASA’s Space Launch System is Indispensable

NASA’s big new rocket is not just a new tool of national power but is an essential insurance policy.... Read more