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America’s Decline of Civic Knowledge Puts Our Liberties at Risk

Both the quantity and quality of civics education in our schools seem to be lacking.... Read more

Is New York City Entering a Pension Death Spiral like Chicago?

New York City is spending more on pensions than on infrastructure. The City has 215 billion in debt. How long can New York sustain this? ... Read more

The Myth of Intelligent (Government) Design

Why would we think that moving decisions to government will result in more intelligent arrangements?... Read more

Would Trump's Wall Eventually Pay for Itself?

By cutting illegal immigration, Trump's wall could save the US $750 million per year.... Read more

America's Success Was Achieved by Limiting Government, Not by Government

Our gains are actually due to centuries of voluntary arrangements made possible not by the growth of government but by strict limitations imposed on it... Read more

Dan Crenshaw Reaches Out to SNL Star After Concerning Instagram Post

Representative-elect, Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), got in touch with SNL star, Pete Davidson, after he posted messages on Instagram hinting about possible s... Read more

Net Neutrality Repeal: The Internet Apocalypse That Never Came

Whether the naysayers are willing to admit it or not, less government regulation results in better outcomes for both companies and consumers.... Read more

Would Thomas Jefferson Support Today’s Separation of Church and State Doctrine?

In Everson v. Board of Education, Justice Hugo Black’s majority opinion, which cited Jefferson, created the separation of church and state precedent.... Read more

The Conceit Behind California’s Bad Idea to Tax Text Messages

State bureaucrats are moving to impose a texting tax on California residents in the name of providing mobile services to the poor.... Read more

Christine Blasey Ford Set to Introduce Sports Illustrated Inspiration Award

Sports Illustrated stirred massive waves of political controversy after announcing, Christine Blasey Ford, will introduce its ‘2018 Inspiration of the ... Read more

Michelle Obama Lets the Truth Slip About Feminism and Motherhood

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama uttered a surprising statement recently. It was all over the news, but unfortunately, not for the reason it shoul... Read more

WATCH: Ted Cruz Lays Into NFL Over Handling of Anthem Protest

Senator Ted Cruz slammed the NFL over the lack of effort in handling the National Anthem protest on Monday. ... Read more

Russell Kirk Saw Tradition as a Bulwark of Liberty

There is much a libertarian can admire—and even learn—from Kirk.... Read more

WATCH: Travelers Pay Tribute To Kids of Fallen Service Members

The general public in the busy airport paused, and sang the National Anthem to honor the children who have lost so much.... Read more

College Students Don't Know Why They're Protesting

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are trying to change the name of the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation.... Read more

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