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Dunetz: Democratic Party Civil War! And Nancy Pelosi Is In TROUBLE

Originally published by The Lid by Jeff Dunetz It’s really amazing what the outcome of an election can do to party unity.  Two weeks ago the news repor... Read more

Anti-Israel activists already trying to hijack anti-Trump protests

Originally published by Legal Insurrection Anti-Israel activists, usually acting under the banner of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) moveme... Read more

Meet the 2017 House of Representatives

by Amée LaTour, GenFKD With almost all the election results in, Republicans will maintain majority control of the 2017 House of Representatives in the ... Read more

Jeff Dunham: What’s on Bubba J’s Mind Following the Election?

Jeff Dunham’s hilarious puppet, Bubba J has a lot to say about the election results… and you’ll want to watch it here.... Read more

Legal Insurrection: Are Dems on verge of being unable to stop Constitutional Amendments?

Originally published by Legal Insurrection by William A. Jacobson Several days ago I published Democrats devastated at state level in 2016 elections: I... Read more

How Do Social Entrepreneurs Balance Business and Good?

by Eric Goldschein, GenFKD Entrepreneurship is risky. Not many new businesses survive past the first few years, and the entrepreneurs themselves sacrif... Read more

Dunetz: If Steve Bannon Is An Anti-Semite Why Can’t I Find Any Antisemitism?

Originally published by The Lid by Jeffrey Dunetz With the appointment of Steve Bannon to a senior position in the Trump administration, the media talo... Read more

Hillary: Not My Fault I Lost

Originally published by Legal Insurrection by Mary Chastain   It is never ever a Clinton’s fault when they fail. Never. Of course Hillary has pointed t... Read more

University of Pittsburgh Student Debt: Financing the Future

by Anna Rohac, GenFKD This article comes from the Campus Contributor Network. Over the course of the semester, students from across our campus outreach... Read more

MRC: Election Safe Spaces Offered to Virginia Tech Students

MRC is reporting that Virginia Tech is offering safe spaces for college students who have felt lost, saddened and stressed since the results of last Tu... Read more

Dunetz: The Pundits were ALL WRONG

Originally published by The Lid Well the pundits were wrong weren’t they. Here’s to the political pundits, both right wing and left, who sat in their i... Read more

Legal Insurrection: EPA Speeds Up Rule-making Process Ahead of Trump

Originally published by Legal Insurrection by Leslie Eastman I just blogged that Donald Trump picked Myron Ebell, Director of the Center for Energy and... Read more

Millennial Career Expectations: Why 70% of Us Are Disengaged at Work

by Caroline Beaton, GenFKD Millennial career expectations continue to seem out of step with employment norms. Of the million millennial respondents in ... Read more

Coca: Mexican President WILLING To Negotiate About Border Wall

Originally published by The Lid I guess Mexico isn’t as opposed to the wall as the media would have us believe. Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto,... Read more

Babson Students Expelled From Frat for Driving Trump Flag Through Wellesley College

Originally published by Legal Insurrection Two students from Babson College have been expelled from their fraternity for driving a truck with a Trump f... Read more