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Weekly Standard: John McCain Leads Democratic Challenger by 19 Points

The Weekly Standard is reporting that John McCain leads in his Senate re-election bid by 19 points. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal Marist poll shou... Read more

Zinke Introduces Legislation to Authorize National Global War on Terrorism Memorial

Today, War on Terror veterans Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT) and Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) introduced bipartisan legislation to authorize a national memorial de... Read more

Washington Examiner: Congress demands answers after surprise Clinton investigation immunity

Originally published by the Washington Examiner by Byron York Many observers were surprised to learn, in a New York Times report, that the contractor w... Read more

Hillary’s Allergy to Transparency

Originally published by Lifezette by Laura Ingraham We’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Whenever the Clintons are accused of wrongdoi... Read more

Shocker: Obamacare Fraud Still Rampant

Back in 2010 while lobbying for the healthcare law that would bear his name, President Obama said significant savings could be achieved by weeding out ... Read more

Study Reports Millennials Trending More Conservative

by Gerry Scimeca With all eyes this election season monitoring the pulse of younger voters, a new paper unearths data indicating that millennial voters... Read more

NFL Commissioner “Respects” Players Protesting National Anthem, Cracks Down on Players Honoring 9/11

by Gerry Scimeca While NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he “respects” Colin Kapernick and other NFL players ... Read more

Charlie Gerow: How Clinton Lost her Convention Bump

Charlie Gerow’s, ‘Best 60ish seconds of Your Week’ this week covers how Hillary has been slipping in the polls, you’ll want to ... Read more

Florida Man: Asked if Bullet Proof Vest Worked; Shot to Death

TAMPA, Fla. – Police say a Florida man asking if a bulletproof vest “still worked” was fatally shot by his cousin. A Tampa police rep... Read more

Google Manipulates Users in Favor of Clinton?

Sputnik is reporting exclusively that they have concluded through a thorough investigation that searches for Hillary Clinton on Google have been manipu... Read more

From The Lid: Has Obama Laundered $33 Billion In Cash Deliveries To Iran Since January 2014?

Originally published by The Lid by Jeff Dunetz  Americans were startled to discover, at the beginning of August, that the release of frozen funds to Ir... Read more

Selloff in U.S. Stocks, Bonds Eases; Crude Leads Resources Lower

Originally published by Bloomberg Markets The selloff in U.S. markets showed signs of easing, following the biggest rout in stocks and bonds since June... Read more

Hillary IS Sick

There have been rumors and very convincing videos circulating around showing Hillary Clinton apparently having seizures and being extremely ill.  All o... Read more

No Brady, No Problem

Originally published by CBS Boston By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston BOSTON (CBS) — The trick with sports is that despite the thousands of people who are p... Read more

Fifteen Years After 9/11–America’s Leaders Have Forgotten The Pain

Originally published by The Lid Just about everyone remembers where they were when they found out about the attacks on 9/11. But many of us, especially... Read more