Your Internet Data is Rotting

Preserving content or intellectual property on the internet presents a strange conundrum...... Read more

Education Entrepreneurs Are the Only Ones Who Can Disrupt the Status Quo

Any meaningful and lasting transformation in American education must come from the private sector.... Read more

E-Cigarettes: The Cold Hard Facts

India should reverse it's ban on e-cigarettes because they are substantially safer than regular cigarettes and capable of preventing millions of avoida... Read more

Electricity grid cybersecurity will be expensive – who will pay, and how much?

Could Russia, China, North Korea and Iran be capable of hacking into computers that control the U.S. electricity grid? The answer is yes... ... Read more

The FAA Plays Favorites in Its War on Drones

Those who want drone delivery banned succumb to the same fear that caused refusal to upgrade from horse and carriages to Model T’s because of the dange... Read more

Playing With Fire: Are We Witnessing the Death of Europe?

“Europe is committing suicide.” So it would seem...... Read more

Trump Blasts Rep. Tlaib over Comments about Holocaust

President Donald Trump slams Rep. Rashida Tlaib because of Israel and Holocaust comments.... Read more

How Cryptocurrency Scams Work

In 2018, losses from cryptocurrency-related crimes amounted to $1.7 billion...... Read more

Brazil Pivots Toward Economic Freedom

The Executive Provisional Act is a set of rules designed to boost free enterprise and impose limits to government intervention over small businesses.... Read more

Thousands of Venezuelan Refugees Are Being Saved by a Quirk in Minimum Wage Law

Illegal refugees are not subject to minimum wage requirements in Trinidad and Tobago, and that’s a good thing.... Read more

Fugees Rapper Charged in Obama Super PAC Fraud Scheme

Former Fugees rapper Pras Michel is set to be charged in relation to Obama fundraising scheme.... Read more

The Three Phases of Socialism

After 20 years of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, its economy is collapsing and the state is in turmoil.... Read more

Italy’s Debt Crisis Puts the European Union at a Crossroads

The Italian economic crisis is just the tip of the iceberg for the EU.... Read more

North Korea Fires ‘Unidentified’ Rocket

North Korea launches an "unidentified" projectile missile, amid ongoing tensions with U.S. relations.... Read more

The Soviet and Nazi Inception: A Married Ideology

The manikin of socialism was identical for the Nazis and Soviets.... Read more

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