50 People Killed in Chicago Over the Weekend

Over 50 people will killed in Chicago over this past holiday weekend, including 27 shooting incidents.

The Chicago Police Chief has asked for more gun laws to help curb these shootings, but Chicago already has some of the strictest in the country… so that makes no real logical sense.

ABC News Reports: 

Johnson said at a news conference this afternoon that the majority of this weekend’s shootings were “targeted attacks” by gangs against “potential rival gang members” at holiday gatherings.

Ninety percent of those fatally wounded this weekend had gang affiliations, criminal histories and were pre-identified by the police department’s “strategic subject algorithm” as being a potential offender or victim of gun violence, Johnson added.

Johnson is urging state lawmakers to help change the “reckless gun culture.”

Johnson said he hopes a new law will give judges autonomy to sentence repeat gun offenders to the middle- or high-end of the range, because he says repeat offenders are not willing to “play by society’s rules.”

He said he hopes the legislation will give cops “a fighting chance” to hold offenders accountable to begin to change the narrative in the city.

Image from Screen Cap