ACU Applauds President Trump’s Renewed Push for Pro-Growth Tax Reform

matt schlapp

Last week, President Trump made his first of what will be many stops around the country to talk to Americans about the need for Congress to pass comprehensive tax reform and the principles the White House believes Congress should utilize in order to bolster our economy, create more jobs, and simplify an outdated tax code that has continued to expand over the last three decades.

Last Wednesday, the President told an audience in Springfield, Missouri that he wants a plan that will make the tax code simple, globally competitive, create jobs, and give relief to the middle class. The American Conservative Union (ACU) agrees with President Trump and urges Congress to act now so that pro-growth tax reform can help Americans recover from years of economic belt-tightening.

Comprehensive tax reform must include a lowering of rates for individuals and businesses, full repeal of the Death Tax, and reining in an out of control IRS that uses agency tools to silence free speech and wreak havoc on average Americans and small businesses.

ACU believes that tax reform must be bold and long-lasting. Simple changes in the code like we’ve seen in the past are not enough. Congress has had plenty of time to campaign and talk about what they want to do, but now is the time for action. President Trump should be commended for traveling across the country and talking to Americans and business owners about why tax reform must get done this year. Now, Congress must do their job and send a comprehensive tax reform package to his desk.

ACU is ready to work with members of Congress in the leadership, and at the committee level to ensure that conservative principles are being upheld and so that opportunities are being created through a wide-reaching, pro-growth tax overhaul.

ACU is encouraged by the President’s willingness to fight for an economy of opportunity that will benefit all Americans.  We remain hopeful with Congress now returning from summer recess that comprehensive tax reform will be a critical part of their pro-growth agenda this fall.

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