The ACU backs the FCC on Net Neutrality

The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) applauded Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai for renewed efforts of transparency as he continued his push to undo damaging Obama-era regulations on the internet.
The Chairman presented a draft order to Restore the Open Internet, which will be voted on during the FCC’s public meeting next month. The order contains the blueprint for ensuring that the internet is free from burdensome regulations that have discouraged broadband infrastructure, and hindered choice and competition.
The order that will be voted on in December will be a major step in moving away from previous FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s shared vision with President Obama of an internet that is controlled by the government. ACUF is grateful for the work that Chairman Pai has done to pull back much of the damage that Wheeler and Obama caused during their tenure.
Next month’s vote will be a critical moment in how tech/telecom policy move forward and Chairman Pai has the chance to help ensure that the path forward is one which embraces innovation and free markets. The draft order release this week shows the Chairman is willing to work with others and is not afraid to be open about the good work he is doing to move the Commission in the right direction on major policy initiatives.

Since announcing these plans, Ajit Pai and his family have been bombarded with attacks. The American Conservative Union stands firmly on the side of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and condemns the horrific personal and racist attacks leveled at Pai and his family.

Attacks like what we are witnessing against Pai and his children should have no place in American public discourse. This has gone far beyond a simple policy disagreement to something much darker.

Those on the Left who still oppose racism and bigotry should call out and denounce the cowards who are hiding behind the safety of their social media profiles to hurl vile and dangerous assaults on Chairman Pai. To those who are turning a blind eye, you should hang your heads in shame.

ACU truly hopes there are still people of goodwill on all sides who will stand against racism and bigotry as these recent attacks on Chairman Pai and his family are truly shameful.