ACU Calls on Senate to Confirm President Trump’s Conservative, Reform-Minded Agency Nominees

August 23, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Today, the American Conservative Union issued a strong statement urging the United States Senate to move forward on a number of President Trump’s nominations to various agencies. Several nominees bring strong conservative credentials to the table and they are needed to help promote and execute on the reform-minded agenda that President Trump successfully campaigned on in the 2016 election.

ACU calls on the Senate to confirm the following nominees to the Trump Administration as soon as possible:

Ajit Pai to serve another five-year term as a Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission
.  Ajit Pai is currently the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He has been one of the most pro-active leaders in working towards undoing some of the most disastrous policies of the Obama Administration. ACU fully supports the re-nomination of Mr. Pai to serve as Chairman of the FCC so that he can continue important work to restore the open internet, bridge the digital divide, and advance pro-liberty reforms in the tech/telecom space.

K.T. McFarland to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. K.T. McFarland recently served as Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on National Security and Foreign Policy issues that give her the depth needed to serve as U.S. Ambassador to a key ally in the Pacific Region. She is a strong proponent of defending American interests abroad and ensuring that America’s values remain a core part of any national security strategy. Ms. McFarland will be a strong voice for the United States in the region once confirmed by the Senate.

Eric Hargan to serve as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Eric Hargan has been involved in health care policy for decades and brings a wide range of expertise to the many issues our healthcare system faces today. His prior experience at the agency gives him a solid foundation for dealing with the problems of Obamacare, how to successfully undo many of the failed law’s regulatory schemes, and how to map out a future policy prescription for curing the problems that limit choice and competition. Mr. Hargan is just what the agency needs to address the deficiencies in the insurance market, as well as create an environment that will incentivize innovation in our healthcare system.

Scott Garrett to serve as Chairman and President of the Export-Import Bank
  E. Scott Garrett was the U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, serving from 2003 to 2017. He is uniquely qualified for this post, having served as a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, which has oversight of the agency. Mr. Garrett brings with him strong conservative credentials, as evidenced by having one of the highest-ever ACU Lifetime Ratings for that length of time, 99.14 out of 100. The Ex-Im Bank needs this reform-minded leader.

Makan Delrahim to serve as Assistant Attorney General (Anti-Trust Division) at the Department of Justice
.  Makan Delrahim currently serves as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President. He brings a strong record on property rights and would advance core principles of defending Intellectual Property at the DOJ.   Mr. Delrahim brings strong academic and private sector experience to the table and his confirmation to the Justice Department would be a win for conservatives who believe that government should ensure the private sector is able to flourish, while having a structure in place that will root out bad actors.

Douglas W. Domenech to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Insular Affairs
Mr. Domenech currently serves as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior. He has a great deal of experience after serving as Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia, where he oversaw six state environmental, recreation, and historic resource agencies.  He has previous experience working with conservatives in the Interior Department and should do so again.

Bill Emanuel to serve as a Board Member of the National Labor Relations Board.  William J. Emanuel works at Littler Mendelson with a broad range of clients, including trade associations, hospitals and other health care institutions, school districts, transportation and logistics companies, and manufacturing companies.  His prior experience in dealing with labor issues show him to be a strong advocate of conservative principles to promote a strong economy. Mr. Emanuel will bring greater balance to the NLRB in how it handles key issues, which in recent years has been heavily tilted towards organized labor.

Noel Francisco to serve as Solicitor General at the Department of Justice.  Noel J. Francisco serves as Partner and Chair of Government Regulation Practice at Jones Day.  Mr. Francisco brings with him not only experience in dealing with regulatory policy, but a sterling reputation for knowledge and expertise on constitutional and national security law issues. He has been a staunch ally for conservatives in defending property rights and religious liberty. Our constitutional freedoms are best served when government understands the limits of its power and the duty it has to defend our citizens’ rights to property and liberty. At a time when there are threats to those very ideals, we need individuals like Mr. Francisco in public service.

The American Conservative Union urges the Senate to confirm these nominees as soon as possible so that the Trump Administration can continue working to achieve their campaign promises of positive reform in Washington.

Matt Schlapp

Dan Schneider
Executive Director

Michi Iljazi
Director of Govt Affairs