American in Istanbul Shooting Saved by His Cellphone

William Jacob Raak of Chadds Ford, Pa. was saved in the terror shooting in an Istanbul nightclub the other day by his cellphone.

Fox News is reporting:

William Jacob Raak, 35, of Chadds Ford, Pa., was one of an estimated 600 people partying inside the Reina nightclub early on New Year’s Day when a gunman entered and opened fire at around 1:15 a.m. The attack, which was claimed by ISIS, killed at least 39 people, many of them foreigners, and injured close to 70 others.

Raak, who was at the club with a friend from Dubai, was shot in the hip. His brother, Michael Raak, told NBC10 that the bullet “hit his phone” before traveling to Jacob Raak’s knee.

Doctors told Raak that the cell phone prevented the bullet from hitting a major artery, likely saving the American’s life.

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