Amy Schumer Goes for the Cycle at The Emmy’s

Amy Schumer is America’s sweetheart… or progressive’s sweetheart…. well ok, a specific set of feminist Social Justice Warrior’s sweetheart.

She stands against gun rights and stands for women’s rights, at least whichever ones might be popular at the moment.

Last night at the Emmy’s she went full #SJW with her stock jokes and unfunny humor to “hit for” what some comedians are now calling “the cycle” of awful female humor.

What’s the awful female humor cycle? One joke about her genitalia, one joke about being drunk, one joke about being promiscuous, and one joke about being fat/out of shape.

Schumer last night led with a red carpet interview where she proudly announced the brand of tampon she was wearing when asked, “who are you wearing?” setting twitter ablaze with the hopes that she would go all out to make sure she touched all 4 low-class, stock humor points.

She followed with a segment with Jimmy Kimmel where she was “so fat and hungry” that she had to eat the note that was in the lunch sack of food Kimmel gave to the audience.


Unforunately for the viewers at home and those waiting to groan along with her awful humor, that’s where her night ended.  Perhaps after the Emmy’s she followed with a joke about getting drunk and going home with someone from an after-party.  If so, her unremarkable night of laughs would have hit for the cycle.

America, we can do better than this.