Are Democrats Really More Tolerant?


One of the oldest talking points in the in politics is the notion that Democrats are far more tolerant than the Republicans.

Tolerance is the ability to put up with beliefs or practices with which you disagree. Democrats claim they are more open to other people who are different from them, but is that really true?

Diversity of Opinion

Leftists may be accepting to people who look or act differently than they, as long as they think the same way. This is evident anytime someone in a different identity group reveals their different way of thinking.

When Kanye West simply suggested that people should think for themselves, and black people don’t have to be Democrats Leftists immediately denounced him. Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters said “Kanye West talks out of turn and perhaps sometimes he needs some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts.”

A Huffington Post contributor recently tweeted about her confusion over a black man in a BMW with an NRA bumper sticker.Huffington Post Tweet

For someone who preaches about openness and tolerance, she seems pretty puzzled by a minority who doesn’t think the way she says he should.

The First Amendment

Leftists are also more hostile to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

College administrators are constantly allowing far-left radicals to speak or teach on campus while silencing conservatives. Conservative speakers have been sent to satellite campuses or had speeches shut down entirely when administrators have given in to protestors. Even if conservatives are given the right to speak, security and property damage costs have become astronomical.

In 2017, after being threatened with a lawsuit, the University of California Berkeley reluctantly allowed mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro to speak on campus. The police had to install barricades and metal detectors at the event to prevent mobs from overtaking the building. However, campus was still ravaged by Antifa protestors, leading to $600,000 in damage.

There have also been calls from Democrat politicians to harass Trump officials and Republicans whenever and wherever possible.

Kristen Nielsen was harassed by a mob of protestors while eating dinner at a D.C. restaurant until she left.  Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been thrown out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao were confronted by protesters at their own house over President Trump’s immigration policies. A man in California was arrested for making explicit threats against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his family, including sending him emails containing the location and photos of Pai’s family members.

This was all within 10 days.

Compare this with how conservatives treated Obama administration officials. Republicans may regard President Obama as one of the worst presidents in American history, but his officials were not constantly harassed and threatened whenever they were in public.

Conservatives call for open dialogue while Leftists call for hate speech laws. The Right asks for calmness and civility, but the Left responds with calls for violence. Democrats pretend to be tolerant, but have no tolerance for diverse opinions.