150-Year-Old School District Forced to Change Name Over "Confederate" References

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California board members representing Dixie School District’s, unanimously voted to change the name of their entire school district because of “Confederacy” and “slave” references. The California school board just intentionally erased 150 years of history within the school district…

According to the Associated Press, the Dixie School District’s change of name will cost upwards of $40,000, the Marin Community Foundation pledged to cover all fees. The name change to the 150 year old school district, will officially go into effect on August 22nd, 2019.  Board trustees voted 3-1, with one abstention, changing the name of both high-school and elementary districts in the San Francisco Bay area.
The root concern for voters in favor of the name change, is the fact Dixie was used as slang to refer Southern U.S. states belonging to the “pro-slave” Confederacy. Name changing advocates believe the school district was named Dixie because of a dare by Confederate sympathizers. Via the Daily Caller.
Those that were against the school district’s name change, believe the district was named after the American Indian woman, Mary Dixie, who James miller the Dixie School District’s founder knew. Via the AP.
During the vote on Tuesday night, both sides of the argument attempted to speak their mind.

The AP reports:
“You know Dixie is a racist name, so change it,” said Bali Simon, a fifth-grader at Dixie Elementary School. “I’m hoping I can go back to school next fall proud of our new district name.”
An opponent of the name change, Mette Nygard, said the “ugly insinuations” tarnished Miller’s reputation.
“The community is so far removed from the confederacy that it’s a ridiculous assertion,” Nygard said.

Demonstrators in favor of the name change interrupted, chanting “Dixie must go!” Advocates for the current name also brought signs into the room that said “say no to racism.”
Although the California school district has yet to decide on the official name change, some proposed names have already been rejected by the board. These rejections included “Marie Dixie Elementary School District” and “Skywalker Elementary School District.” Via the AP.