9th Circuit Allows Trump Administration To Start Defunding Planned Parenthood

President Trump scored a major victory last week, when the 9th Circuit, which historically has been strongly liberal, ruled that President Trump could implement the pro-life Protect Life Rule, which bars Title X funds for family planning from going to organizations that commit abortions.

Trump said he would immediately implement the Protect Life Rule, instead of waiting any longer. In a statement praising the decision, Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life president, stated, “Implementing the Protect Life rule makes sense when you consider all the funds misused by abortion vendors to sell abortions to unsuspecting women. Planned Parenthood has violated the spirit of the Title X family planning program for years by collecting millions of dollars while they marketed abortion. Pregnancy is not a disease cured by abortion, and ending the connection between abortion and family planning is a victory for commonsense healthcare.”

This great news was made possible by an aggressive judicial confirmation strategy by the Trump administration, which has moved closed to turning the 9th Circuit into a majority-pro-life, Republican appointed judges. The decision was not made by the full 9th Circuit, but rather a randomly drawn set of federal judges.

Writing for the Daily Signal, Tony Perkins notes, “There’s a reason Planned Parenthood likes to challenge pro-life laws on the West Coast. It knows the cases will eventually bubble up to the most liberal bench in the country—the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

There’s just one problem. After almost three years of President Donald Trump, their favorite appeals court isn’t exactly liberal anymore. And that’s throwing a major wrench into the abortion industry’s plans.

Elections have consequences, and they’ve been big ones for the makeup of America’s courts. Just last week, Trump added another originalist to the 9th Circuit bench, Daniel Bress—bringing the administration’s total for the much-maligned court to seven.

For the first time in decades, the 9th Circuit, which Trump has accused of being “out of control” with “a horrible reputation,” is on the verge of ideological balance. And for liberals, who rely on the courts to do what legislatures will not, the prospect of losing their grip is daunting.”