Abortion is Defining Issue in Kentucky Governor's Race

In a twist that surprised many campaign officials in Kentucky, the Bluegrass State’s gubernatorial election has boiled down to one issue: abortion.

The incumbent is Governor Matt Bevin, a Republican who is arguably the most pro-life governor in the country. Four years ago, Bevin won the vote by virtue of Obamacare’s unpopularity, vowing to fix problems with healthcare. With that issue further in the backs of the public’s mind, Kentucky Democrats expected a somewhat easy overthrow of the red regime this time around.

But their candidate, Andy Beshear, is fervently pro-abortion. He’s even endorsed by NARAL (who worship at the altar of abortion). One of the Bevin campaign’s gimmicks this season was to dub him “Abortion Andy.” He was narrowly elected Attorney General, during which time he struck down pro-life bills desired by the people and their elected officials (since we now live in an era of an activist judiciary).

Even pro-abortion Politico had to admit: “Privately, however, some Democratic strategists worry that Beshear’s support for abortion rights could alienate swing voters even if they’re not fond of Bevin.”

Breaking news: the vast majority of Americans are not on board with the Democrats rabid abortion platform (through all nine months, for any reason, and taxpayer-funded). Americans do not want to pay for their neighbor’s abortions, nor do they approve of late-term, sex-selective, or discriminatory abortions.

Pro-abortion Democrats only get as far as they do by avoiding the abortion question altogether. Putting their cards on the table about how extreme they really are would not do them any favors – especially in this case with blue-collar, evangelical Kentuckians.

At the end of the day, anyone could’ve predicted everything going down in Kentucky over their gubernatorial race. Both candidates are calling each other extremists, pro-abortion media outlets are playing identity politics, and all the noise will end up being irrelevant when the results come out. Stay tuned.

**This article was republished from studentsforlife.org by Brenna Lewis**

**Photo Source: Flickr.com. Uploaded by Gary Todd**

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