Bernie Sanders Says 'Medicare For All' Includes Abortion

Last month, almost every 2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful got together with their master, Planned Parenthood. The pink abortion giant hosted all 20ish of the candidates in South Carolina where they spent the day worshiping abortion, virtue-signaling, and proclaiming their intentions to force all Americans to fund it even though no one wants to. Not even mainstream pro-choice people.   

No one doubted that these politicians were pro-abortion. But we sure got a glimpse of just how fanatical they are.  

Take dear Bernie for example. Our old Vermont socialist is a lot of things – shy is not one of them. He is brutally straightforward about all his nutty ideas.

Bernie’s time on stage was basically a giant abortion promo for four straight minutes. Some of his highlight lines: 

-Stated that “Medicare for all includes abortion.” 

-Stated intent to remove the Hyde Amendment, which is supposed to prevent tax money from directly funding abortion.  

-Made sure to declare he is 100% pro-choice
-Stated that “attacks on Planned Parenthood mean we need to support candidates who are pro-choice.” 

-Said that men should have a say about abortion since it takes a man to make a baby.  

So he definitely hits the hot points. Forcing socialized healthcare that includes abortion. Removing Hyde, thus forcing us to pay for abortions. Clarifying just how extreme his stance is, which presumably entails support of sex-discriminatory abortions, aborting based on disability or genetic condition, letting the abortion industry “regulate themselves”… the usual.  

The last two bullet points are where it gets really interesting. “Attacks on Planned Parenthood mean we need to support candidates who are pro-choice.” Almost as if… Planned Parenthood is primarily about abortion? Not all their other amazing services they tout to try to get out of hot water occasionally? The group spent most of this forum talking about abortion. They really need to drop the sham that they care about anything else.  

His last interesting tidbit was that men should have a say about abortion. We’re assuming he means only if the man is pro-choice since they really hate when pro-life men oppose abortion. You can’t have it both ways, buddy. Either men get a say or they don’t.  

This stuff is serious. It’s no small thing to tell MILLIONS of people that you intend to steal their money and use it to pay for something they morally oppose. Every politician exaggerates their campaign promises to get elected; but if even half of what he or the other candidates claim comes to fruition, women and pre-born Americans are in deep trouble.

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