Bill Maher Slams ‘Patriotic Bull S**t’ and ‘Militarism’ at Sporting Events

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Long time TV host and personality, Bill Maher, slammed what he believes to be “patriotic bulls**t” at professional public sporting events. Maher released his tainted thoughts on the world during his live show, “Real Time,” on Friday, calling for the NFL and MLB to stop all displays of “militarism.”

The premise for Maher’s “Real Time” is a different topic of discussion every show with a panel audience. During this week’s episode, Maher was specifically focused on different proposals for ways to limit or eliminate cheerleaders from professional sporting events.

Maher quickly decided he would turn the conversation in a different direction, informing the audience about his thoughts on pre-game displays in the NFL and MLB.
"Why don't they just take away the militarism?"

"I kind of like the cheerleaders — maybe that makes me a sexist. But why do we have to mix football, you know, the season just started, with so much of this patriotic bulls***? You know, the flyovers and the flag on the field and the singing?" said Bill Maher.

Maher was not finished just yet, distinctively taking aim on the MLB’s tradition of playing the patriotic “God Bless America” tune during the 7th inning stretch.

"Like I forget what country I'm in after six innings?!" exclaimed Maher to the audience.

This is not the first time Bill Maher publically shamed the traditions of our country, along with our brave heroes fighting for our freedoms in the military.

Just last year Maher called our nations national anthem “Fetish Patriotism” after president Trump weighed in on the kneeling protest controversy involving former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick and the NFL.

Bill Maher’s ridiculous anti-American rhetoric is disgusting and frankly flat out wrong. But all this will do is discredit him and the people with whom he associates…THE LEFT. Along with strengthening the support of real American values and traditions.

Maher has officially joined the “I Hate America Group” right next to his buddy Colin Kaepernick. Sooner or later, Bill will also join his friend Colin on the unemployed list. God Bless America! The greatest country on the planet.