Breaking: David Daleiden's Criminal Trial Will Proceed

After a lengthy trial and an undercover journalism project that launched in 2015, David Daleiden and his team at the Center for Medical Progress have finally been handed down their fate by an egregiously biased judiciary.

Life Site News reported: In a ruling released today, Judge Christopher C. Hite of the San Francisco Court dropped six counts against the pro-life investigators. He ruled, however, that there was sufficient evidence from the preliminary hearing to try Daleiden and Merritt on nine counts of breaking California’s anti-eavesdropping law during their undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Thomas More Society tweeted after the ruling:

Pro-Life San Francisco posted this on Instagram yesterday:

Judge Hite announces his ruling on the State of California’s criminal charges against pro-life investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. After @KamalaHarris ordered a raid of Daleiden’s apartment, her successor AG Becerra filed charges, claiming the pro-life investigators illegally filmed people during the course of the Human Capital Project.

Before the civil trial in Judge Orrick’s court, Hite had a chance to hear testimony and look at the video evidence for himself. We are confident that many charges will be dropped, despite the unjust verdict in Federal court. We’re sure he’s facing pressure from the other side, so let’s show up as the pro-life community and send a message with our presence: We want justice! NO jury trial!

Thanks to David, Sandra, and their team, America saw some of the secrets that Planned Parenthood keeps under tight lock and key. They traffic in the fetal bodies they kill. They alter abortion methods to harvest better parts. All evidence suggests they dissect babies alive. And they didn’t refute ANY of this in court.

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The entire lawsuit wasn’t about falsified facts; it was the anger of a giant corrupt company that isn’t used to not getting their way. They’re used to the royal treatment from similarly corrupt politicians. This lawsuit was a bullying tactic and a message to the pro-life movement – Don’t mess with the abortion industry, or we’ll pay off absolutely everyone and crush you like a bug. That’s how a citizen journalist ended up being tried like a criminal.

The pro-life movement will NOT be intimidated. David and his team are heroes for the preborn. Defunding Planned Parenthood of their $500,000,000 a year in taxpayers’ money and drastically reducing their chokehold on this country are huge critical steps in abolishing abortion and making it unthinkable. And the videos this team captured took a huge hit on the abortion giant’s already shaky credibility.

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**Photo Source: Uploaded by American Life League**


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